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Day 1
Focuses on externally rotated standing and seated poses in this hip opening sequence. This video is a part of our Journey Series to Firefly Pose. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket
Day 2
This sequence focuses on neutrally rotated standing and seated poses. This video is a part of our Journey Series to Firefly Pose. Recommended props: 2 blocks
Day 3
Work on bhujipidasana, which is one of the easier arm balances to get off the ground and balance in. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket
Day 4
This sequence combines neutral and external standing poses and leads to titibasana/firefly. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket
Day 5
Open up your hamstrings and work up to the fun and challenging arm balance Titibasana, or firefly pose. Recommended props: block, strap

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Annette Rallo - -
I didn't feel like this class was a flow. I think there was too much instruction for this level 2 sequence, which inhibited the "flow". Good class if you are a level 1 working towards a level 2 and like alot of direction.
Good stretches, not a flow
Jennifer Hankins - -
Good individual stretches, not really a flow (just because you do Chaturanga between each stretch doesn't mean it's a flow)..Felt choppy and broken up. But it is focused on hips and stretching.
Loved it!
Megan Hayes - -
I loved this flow! Great combination of strengthening and stretching- felt amazing after! Great teacher too
nice class
Patrizia Milano - -
I enjoyed this class, in the end my hips do feel more opened. I added some reclined twists at the end and a longer Savasana, if you have the time, that would be very helpful to integrate the changes that occur in the body. I like Alexandria's style, although at times it can feel a bit like 'micromanaging ;)
Annie Flores - -
Loved it! Goodbye stiffness!!
Brenda Haroutunian - -
Very Nice
Jessica Raymer - -
That was a good hip opener with a nice mix of intensity. I like Alexandria's classes because she practices with great mixtures... How often should I practice hip openers? because I can feel that my hips are opening, but since I practiced yesterday as well there are quite sore. Is that normal??
Sharifa Sehweil - -
Alexandria, you rock, blessings , sharfa
Great Hip-Opening Sequence
Meaghan Quinn - -
Covers a lot of standing poses (external rotation) followed by pigeons and seated forward folds. Worked up a sweat but cool-down was nice and long too. Great!