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Beginner's Level
Jennifer B. - -
This feels misnumbered because it's quite rudimentary overall. Fine but wouldn't do this again as I prefer more advanced methods.
Amanda-Faye P. - -
This was okay, not likely to do again.
Courtney J. - -
I do agree this is a Level 1 but appreciated Laura's positivity and encouraging approach.
Catherine J. - -
this is pretty slow and I agree with others re level 1
Too much talking
Barbara R. - -
Hard to find joy with this much jabbering
Igor P. - -
It was okay! Nice tree pose prep. Although I felt way too distracted by excessive talking of the teacher.
Too much time in poses
Chelsea F. - -
Level 1
Easy and basic
laurie m. - -
Short, easy class. Really a level one. I woke up tired and achy but still wanted some yoga. This was actually perfect for how i felt and what i needed at the moment. I added some twists and childs pose at the end and felt good.
Lisa D. - -
I loved this class. Laura is wonderful at new, different and effective cues! I'll watch for more from her.
Easy to follow
Magali S. - -
Very nice practice! Laura is great at giving cues so it's easy to follow at home. I personally didn't think there was too much talking. I think it might be more for level 1 though.
Keep it simple
Nick F. - -
Save the pep talk and just give me the poses please
simple but effective
Margot B. - -
thank you for such simplicity but longing for this old school yoga practice
Too much talk
Michelle S. - -
Way too much talking, especially for a short practice. And cues seemed much for level 1.