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Great way to start the day
Wendy P. - -
This really was a little of everything. A quick and a bit challenging flow to start the day. My new favorite!
Absolutely perfect
Julia P. - -
This was a great practice. Lots of stretching and centering and a slight bit of challenge. I feel great!
love this one
Dina F. - -
it really is a little bit of this and a little bit of that - combining great stretches with strength moves and nice finish. I did it in the evening and thought it was a perfect way to end the day.
Perfect Morning Weekday Yoga
Sandra S. - -
I feel very energized, calm and happy after this practice, and it's just the right length for me on weekday mornings. Leaves me feeling like I got enough of a workout and stretch with a little bit of abs! 💙
Great morning flow!
Lauren F. - -
Wonderful mix of everything to wake up in the morning! Loved the core surprise at the end.
Just Right
Norma P. - -
perfect combo and time for my schedule and level of condition,with just a little growing into. its so exciting to see the cumulative effects of doing this every single day!
Good workout!
Nita B. - -
Thanks Alex, woke up feeling sore today. :)
yasmine l. - -
Hi Alex! I love your classes, but am ahaving a REALLY hard time with double pigeon as a cool down. I literally cannot do it. Even with blankets rolled up. It hurts my knees. What do you think about single pigeon, which is challenging for me still, but I'm able to maintain the pose for a bit?
A Perfect 27 Minutes!
Abigail W. - -
This sequence felt perfectly balanced- just enough work to be challenging, but enough rest and stretch to be relaxing and centering. Thanks Alexandria!
Karla M. - -
I absolutely loooved this sequence... Just what I needed at this moment. Well rounded and short. Made it a favorite!
Ursula K. - -
Alternates between challenging resting poses. Great heat building for about 20 minutes followed by ab work and stretching.
A little bit of sweating...a little bit of stretching
Elizabeth S. - -
Hi Alex. Like that little flow. Miss you. Hope youre doing well. :)