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Rory C. - -
Reshoot video
Mary D. - -
This video has been up for a year with all the mistakes in editing. There’s even a place where the instructor repeats a line which is a mis-edit. It’s a great concept. Please re-shoot the entire sequence.
great teacher but the video is choppy
Brigitte M. - -
I love her but this video misses step so its hard to follow.
Difficult to follow
Diane C. - -
Nice poses but do we have to know Sanskrit to practice yoga? I can't always both look at the screen and do the practice, all at once, to know what the next move is. Plus: I like Warrior 2! The instructor's preferences are irrelevant.
Great concept...needs polishing
Violette G. - -
I love the concept but forgotten poses, got off lead leg, and would have preferred a bit slower transition from AMS to UMS... But will definitely play with this on my own!!....
Dee K. - - (edited)
I liked the concept, but the video was choppy. I got confused about which side was which and what was going on. Also, enough Sanskrit?? Geez. Did not care for the instruction and ended my practice annoyed. Normally I practice these over and over again, but not this one.
editing isn't great
Beth W. - -
There are a few times that video editing seems to skip around, and several times the teacher forgets to include a pose in the sequence on one side
too much sanskrit
Diana P. - -
I practice yoga for about 10 years and I have also been certified, but I don't bother to memorize the sanskrit names as most people don't know it. I have to keep looking up of what poses she was talking about, even one mountain pose i had to look up because i didn't know the sanskrit name.
Really Enjoyed! Is it possible to shoot the video again?
sonny t. - -
I really enjoyed the adding of the poses. I would love a few more videos like this all highlighting different poses that can be added. As a few people noted: There is a place mid way through where the video jumps Also the very last sequence on the last side did not include ardachandrasana (apologies if I butchered the spelling!) It would be great to have a sitting/lotus pose at the end or a shavasana to end the practice. The concept for the video is wonderful. I truly hope there can be more like it.
Linda S. - -
I believe this video should be deleted as it’s not up to par with the other videos. There’s a missing video piece, so it jumps and you miss a transition. It is disjointed
Deana M. - -
Disjointed . Felt like she was making up as she went along. Quite like the actual movements but not how the class was conducted. Too much talking .
Them vs You
Carina T. - -
Great class except there was some footage missing and that Jenny keeps saying them referring to her friends as if we are only an audience when we are actually students participating in this class. But other than that I really like the posses and the flow.
Zejna N. - -
What happen the vlass dont works
Linda S. - -
Instructor used sanskrit for the most part which not all of us understand so I had to keep looking at the video to see what to do next. Their were missed poses on one side and then we went to the wrong side at one point. Too much talking in between. Very frustrating.
Missed a lot
Raashi H. - -
There were a number of poses that were missed and seemed like she was using the wrong Sanskrit names for the poses as well...confused me while I was trying to remember the sequence. Maybe someone should audit these before they're posted for consumption!
too fast
Natalie F. - -
missed poses, instructor talked too fast, too many yoga terms for a level two class that was this fast, no cool down
natalia v. - -
I actually really enjoyed this sequence. I struggle with my home practice to stay focused and centered. This add on a pose with every round got me out of my head and helped to pay attention, therefore, present without actually forcing it. Yes, the last half moon pose was missed, that i squeezed in before parsvotonasa anyway. It didn't throw me off. It happens all the time to all the teachers in my experience, they are just as human beings as we are. She didn't miss up-dogs. On the round five, she did say it was the last down dog and had the girls do five up - down dogs. I do found this class energetic, fun. and well prepared. I know Jenny as a teacher, she never walks into a class without a planned sequence that she herself hasn't practiced before.
Natalie D. - -
Very different but I liked it gives a mental and physical challenge
Too many missed poses
Lisa D. - -
Not one I will repeat as the instructor spoke about staying mindful, and then missed several poses. Expect more in a video.
Good but not my fave
Denise P. - -
Liked the teacher and concept, but missed up dogs and half moon were noticed- in a classroom I understand, but always bummed to have missed poses in a video... Also would have liked even a little cooling at the end.
Too much talking for a level 2. Pose times weren't balanced and forgot half moon at the end. Could be a fun sequence but didn't feel it was planned out well. Sorry.