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good use of 30 minutes
Julia C. - -
I think what makes this "advanced beginner" is that there's some instruction -- not overly detailed, but enough to get you through the poses. You don't hold them forever nor is this power yoga. Starts with some sun salutations, moves into warrior I & II (I broke a little sweat here), triangle pose modified with a block, then a forward bend with arms stretched behind you. Moves to the floor for happy baby and a couple backbends (but not full wheel). You end with a spinal twist on your back before savasana. Good for stretching out the back and hips. I would have liked more neck/shoulder stretches and a seated spinal twist at the end but it was easy to tack that on my own.
good but not advanced
Noelle M. - -
Love Melanie's classes, this was definitely not an advanced beginners though.
Rebecca R. - -
Melanie, Thank you for this video. I've been out of my yoga routine for 2 years, and I was almost afraid to try it again. I haven't been taking care of or being kind to my body, and I now have several injuries as a result. I decided to come back to myyogaworks. I chose this "Advanced Beginners" video looking for a class where I could move slowly and carefully, without tons of explanations of basic poses. This was perfect for what I needed today. I knew how to modify for some of my injuries, and the pacing gave me enough time to do that. Thank you.
Great class when you don't have time for a full class!
Debbie S. - -
Perfect combination of getting your pulse up with stretching the hips, back and shoulders. Great when I don't have the time or motivation to do an hour class. I always feel great and energized after this class
Day 12 challenge
jennifer m. - -
This was my favorite class that I've taken as part of the yoga challenge. I will be will be adding it to my favs.
Day 12!
Mai T. - -
Great start to the day!
Great way to start the day
Melissa A. - -
Melanie is a great instructor. This class is a perfect way to get moving in the morning
Kids yoga with mommy?
David I. - -
Hi, I am stay at home mom and it has been great for me to practice this at home. Can I request to have yoga class which I can practice with my 5 year old together? She will love it.
Elizabeth C. - -
Melanie is my favorite female instructor. Her voice is very calming!
Nice quick class
Heather S. - -
As a stay at home mom, I often miss my yoga classes. So nice to have a quick practice at home!
perfect class
Leslie K. - -
lovely calming voice and great instruction
lindsey r. - -
Awesome - great quick practice. I do it on my lunch.
advanced beginners melanie
Michael G. - -
simple good
Sandra G. - -
Perfect start in the day.