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Agree. More level1
Lyndsey Harrison - -
Loved this class, although not level 2 or strong as described. If relabeled would have lot happy Followers, thanks!
More Level 1 Than 2, few vinyasas
Jennifer Sabella - -
I should have read the comments first...class is definitely more level 1 than 2 with very few vinyasas. I found it difficult to build much heat. But her voice is nice and her instruction is very detailed so if you want a return to basics, this is a good class.
Misleading description
Jake Wills - -
Found the class very peaceful and grounding but would not call it Level 2 nor "strong."
So Relaxing and Fulfilling
Beth Rundle - -
Heather, I was in your teacher training about 8 years ago. Since then I’ve had two kids and the majority of the yoga I do is now from this website. Every time I take one of your classes on here, your calm, steady presence transports me back to teacher training. I’m so grateful to you for such a positive, peaceful experience. Thank you.
nice centering class
Patrizia Milano - -
i am joining others in saying this is a very well crafted "level 1" class. Definitely not a level 2 or a 'strong flow' class. I would label it a level 1 Hatha practice and in that respect it's very nice.
Serena Pritchard - -
I truly enjoyed this practice, I will return to it.
Wonderful Hip Opening and Grounding Class
Elisabeth Schopp - -
Dear Heather, I really liked your class. The way you develop the sequences is very nice. you guide your students safely to the peak poses. Most of all I like the rhythm of the class- you leave the time to explore a pose.
Level 1 Class
Anastasia Sorce - -
Great level 1 class. Labeling it as "Level 2" is misleading. And the word "strong" should not be in the description.
Perfect class for me today
Gina Bjornn - -
This felt great all over and I like Heather's calm voice and cues. I'll definitely do this one again soon. Thank you!
Nice class but not Level 2
Jennifer Maurer - -
This was a really nice Level 1 class but it was lacking for a Level 2, especially with "Flow" in the title. It was a really good slow restorative class, but not what I was expecting given the title and level.
Great Alignment Cues
Jackie Field - -
Thank you Heather. I know whenever i do a practice with you my body's going to feel great afterwards. I would love for you to do a handstand practice. No one teaches handstand like you. I think a lot of my YogaWorks students would love it!
E S - -
Such a de-stresser. My body feels great. Thanks a lot, Heather.
calming evening
Clancy Cox - -
I found just the right class to calm my mind before sleep. Heather Seiniger's voice is gentle and sweet, and her alignments are about what to do, not what not to do. Thank you Heather!
Didn't Feel Like a Level 2 Class
Matthew McBride - -
This was a great sequence (slow, relaxing), but didn't feel the flow part or the intermediate part. Maybe this should be a Level 1 class? Or take the "flow" out of the title?
Very nice!
G Goode - -
Great practice for stiff morning bodies or a calming evening practice. Thank you Heather.
Svetlana Anthony - -
Liked practicing this sequence in the evening; slow, restorative pace. Great for levels 1-1/2
Level 1
Devon Fischer - -
Back to basics level 1 Soothing and slow. Calm stretching. Definitely Not a Level 2 class.