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Kristina Young - -
Such a powerful class in such a short amount of time, I feel ready for my day. Thank You so much
Bethanie Pitsky - -
Great workout, but no Savasana. Even in a 20 minute yoga practice, Savasana is still the most important pose... I really enjoyed the variations on Malasana and Chair near the end.
Perfect for sore wrists
Francisca Rollan - -
Fun, challenging and a nice break for the wrists and upper body. Thanks Caley!
Dee McLeod - -
Wow. I did not expect that!! I am sweaty and slightly trembling. Will definitely be adding this to my regular rotation. Great stretches and sequences.
Great workout
Julia Parker - -
She packed a lot into that 20 minutes. I think I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. I love that we did some core work too.
Summer ready challenge here we go.
Cecilia Rodriguez - -
what a begining. love it very challenging but i feel good.
Exactly the right amount of challenge
Reema AlRasheed - -
This have left me sweaty, it was great, short but definitely challenging and left me feeling much better, more energized and balanced !
Exactly the right amount of challenge
Reema AlRasheed - -
This have left me sweaty, it was great, short but definitely challenging and left me feeling much better, more energized and balanced !
Kristina Young - -
I agree!!!
A lot in a little
Heather Moynihan - -
A lot of work packed in a little amount of time. I agree with others that it was a little tough to jump right in, especially if you are doing class in the morning, as I was. However the lower body work was really effective and Caley interwove the challenging poses with restorative ones, so all in all, great, quick class.
This one is a toughy
Michelle Sanchez - -
There is no warm up for all the leg work that will be done--got kinda difficult when jumping right in it. Especially the "switching" leg part. No real modifications which I would've preferred. A definite challenge.
Samantha Haymes - -
Very challenging for me today. Will try again soon. Namaste.
name of the game: breath
Kera Zacuto - -
Per usual, Caley does an outstanding job helping us focus on the breath as we move through this short, sweet, challenging, and effective practice. Really lovely balance of cardio and stretching, and Caley seems to know exactly when to push us harder, and when to give us a break. Highly recommended.
Amy Day - -
Perfect. Safe. Skillful. Intuitive. Great. Thank you. I have long heard about the high bar that YogaWorks sets for teachers, sequencing, anatomy, etc. I get it now. wow. thank you thank you. <3
Emma Kerry - -
That was most energizing. I followed the class on a cold, snowy day and it brought lots of welcome heat and grounding. Thank you!
Quad Life
josann farrell - -
This class was intense. A great midday boost! Quick and super effective, I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow. I did the Lower Body Strengthener right before this as a warm up, and it was a great combo. I'm catching up on my Summer Ready Challenger as I was unable to log in last week. Hottt!
Scarlett McCann - -
Loved it!! Quick and effective!
Jessie Poe - -
Short but sweet! I liked this class, very energizing. Thank you!
Margo Landon - -
During the part where we have our feet in our hands in a forward bend, then rise onto the balls of our feet, I fell straight onto the top of my head. Ouch! Humbling!
Michelle Troche Panetto - -
Great class! Very invigorating!! Namasté. ?
Know Your Yoga
Madeleine Holly - -
I liked this short practice, which I did towards the end of my day several hours after my studio class. However, I would recommend some additional poses afterwards; my lower back really enjoyed some plow and fish poses to rinse out as well as some cat-cows. Looking forward to tomorrow!
Carolyn Carden - -
Day 1 of summer challenge - tough if you have tight hamstrings but I pushed and felt accomplished afterwards
Sarah TN - -
..I did the Beginner mini sequence 1st so it felt like a nice warm up for this nice lil' base yoga/exercise fusion! got the heart flowing & broke a tiny sweat ;-) (I missed my Kundalini Class tonight cuz I'm sick, so this might've been the perfect combo to get my fix!)
Thank you
Lynne Blake - -
Thank you. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
Mai Theodocion - -
Day 1 - good little workout
Tough without a warm up
mary gunn - -
I'm on Day 1 of the 21 Day Summer Challenge. I found this really challenging without a warm up. Particularly struggled with the chair sequence. Hopefully it's easier next time!
Emma Stenström - -
Short, but sweet. Not superchallenging and more like a workout than a yogaclass. But I like legwork, so I was happy.
Melissa Marks - -
Hard first day but I did both sections offered!
Day 1
Shannon Conn - -
This was a fun workout!
Excellent workout!
Jessica Raymer - -
Day 1 of the 21 Day Summer Challenge. What a great first day =D My lower body is defiantly feeling this. Caley you squeezed an amazing practice into just 20 min.
Something to work to
Marilyn Schafer - -
Well, this was more challenging that I was ready for! I needed to modify a few to get through it.
Effective Short Session
Catherine Charon - -
I did this workout after a 3.5 mile run! It was perfect for an additional leg workout and stretch! The instructions are clear and nothing is too complicated! Wonderful video - will do again for sure.