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Perfect Quick Sweat
Alyssa R. - -
Did this when I didn't have a lot of time but still wanted to feel sweaty and energized. Lots of core while lying down, only one or two set of standing sequences (rare for Jesse!) which is just what I was looking for today.
Perfectly Challenging!
Molly M. - -
Another great class from Jesse. This one is going on my daily list, along with her 10 minute arm class. Thank you, Jesse!
Loved it
Eleonora G. - -
Hard and fun!
Layna C. - -
Loved this class! One of the best core classes in thirty minutes😊
Uber Core
Leila K. - -
Love Jesse's classes! This is a great core sequence! My goal is to do this whole thing without sneaking lil' breaks in one day. I like her commentary, including showing incorrect postures, it helps me check myself and see if I'm in alignment.
Great hard class!
Fernanda D. - -
Jesse classes are hard it! Thanks a lot...
The right way only
Catherine M. - -
It would so help f the right way were naturally explained. The wrong way of doing would go away by itself without putting attention on it THANK yOU
Focusing on the right way, without giving attentioin to the wrong way
Catherine M. - - (edited)
Hi, I love this class. However, I feel a drop in energy and focus when Jesse demonstrates the wrong way to do a posture. For me, this approach is not necessary. Fully explaining the right way and encouraging us in that is all we need. Also the tone of voice really helps. At times, Jesse suggests the difficulty of a pose by her voice. As I became able to master those poses, again, that tone of difficulty and effort, even strain, left a trace of a "difficulty" feeling. A light neutral tone could draw us to that neutral light energy as we come to master the postures and mouvements. :-) Hope this will help for future classes!
Unigue, super strengthening core class
Catherine M. - -
This is by far the best core yoga class I have ever taken. I'v ebeen focusing core for only about two weeks and this class for about one and I not only feel the difference - greater, calmer solidity in my averyday life - but I see it! My whole bondy is toner. Thank you, Jesse!
Just do Jesse's core sequences....
Jessica V. - -
.... if you want to get better at yoga. I've been practicing regularly for 4.5 years, and go to one of the best studios in NYC (Pure East & West), and yet I still supplement my practice with (mostly Jesse, Caley, Patti, and Vytas). Exclusively focusing on core a few times a week has unequivocally improved all my standing poses and arm balances. Have a comfortable forearm stand practice now, and working on handstand without a wall.
I love Jesse and this class does it for me. Great instruction to guide you through the heat building sequence. Push through the first 7 minutes, they are intense!
Short and Sweet - To the Point!
natalia v. - -
I am a 500hr YogaWorks certified yoga teacher and a marathon runner, fit with a strong upper body, yet struggled a lot (in a good way) to get through this class. I haven't done a class this great in a long time. Short and Sweet to the point!! Thanks Jesse!!! PS: not sure if it's just me, but my arms were shaking insanely : ).. I thought I had strong arms lol
Very challenging!
Kim F. - -
This is the most challenging core practice I have ever done! At about 5 minutes into it, I was wondering what I was thinking picking this class. I completed it and I did better than I thought I could. Thank you Jesse!
Sara C. - -
I honestly think I have Jesse to thank for the strength in my core. Shes not kidding when she says it can get strong fast. In a few months of regularly doing the core yoga journey series (in no particular order, just a few times/week) I have noticed INSANE increase in core strength both in my practice and just in life. So awesome. This sequence is killer, well-rounded and challenging but moves quickly enough that one body part doesnt get totally cashed out exhausted too fast. LOVE! Jesse you are the DEF doing this one again!
Valentini C. - -
If I ever do this class without feeling the urge to cry... Ill be over the moon!!
Tough but do-able!
Carolina R. - -
Thank you Jesse. Thank you so much for the encouragement also!!! I will keep at it, and someday become a pro like you guys :) Hugs, CR.
Joanna B. - -
Great work-out with emphasis on specific core areas. Thank you.
MacKenzie S. - -
An ABsolutely amazing class. Definitely felt the burn all over my core both during and afterwards.
Angelli R. - -
Wow! Thanks Jesse :) That was awesome!