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why I like to have a teacher
Christine C. - -
After so many years, I could do all of the class by myself, but Melanie just gives the teacher tips that I wouldn't think about. I enjoy her voice as well. Thank you.
Nadia S. - -
A perfect wake up and go practice. Simple and effective, my kind of class.
Chris S. - -
I was able to successfully do a level 2 with no difficulty. Yippee!
Good Morning
Anthony D. - -
Simple yet effective. Woke up from a bad sleep feeling blocked up and a cold creeping in...this short but effective yoga session was just what I will get your body flowing gently, building warmth without a big sweat. Feeling much better now. Thank you :-)
Feels Great!
Annette R. - -
Love Melanies style of teaching.Her voice is soothing. She gives just enough instruction and the flow of this class is amazing. Short but very sweet class.
Great morning boost!
Giovanna F. - -
Melanie is such a great instructor I felt that she was in the room instructing me the whole time! I felt energized to start my day after this video!
Great class!
Sarah S. - -
This was great! Quick but still feel like I did some good. Definitely doing this one again!
Perfect Fix
Brooke K. - -
Great routine while traveling. Perfect quick whole flow.
Jessica R. - -
This was such a wonderful class! This is perfect for any time of day. Love Melanie's style of teaching and her voice.
Elizabeth G. - -
LOVED it! Truly a brief session that feels easy to fit into my day. Relaxed enough to practice in the evening without revving yourself up too much, but feels like it would be equally good earlier in the day too. Glad to have my breathing steady and Melanie's calming voice in my ears. Great sequence of basic poses and good alignment reminders. I feel like there is no reason why I couldn't make time for this every single day.
Totally needed this
Stephanie F. - -
This was definitely a great way to unwind after a crazy Monday! Thank you Melanie, you definitely made my day!
Love Melanie's Approach
tina m. - -
I practice using Melanie's videos everyday. She understands that a calm, soothing teaching voice is essential in attaining the balance of mind and body in yoga practice. Most the other teachers lack this very important element. Thanks Melanie!
Melanie you are awesome!!
Jessica R. - -
I think Melanie should have her own morning practice series. Her voice is so calming and her words are so gentle, yet motivating. So far there is not one Melanie practice that I do not like doing in the morning to shake off the cobb webs. This practice is gentle, yet effective. Got a little heat, but nothing crazy. I am ready for my day now.
Great practice under 20 minutes
Julia C. - -
Great practice that clocks in shy of 20 minutes. Kind of like a 'Goldilocks' class -- not too much, not too little, but just right. I'll be coming back to this one when I'm tight on time!
Anytime is right
Stephanie B. - -
This session is appropriately named. You really can do it anytime! I needed something quick before my son woke up, and this was a perfect first-thing-in-the-morning practice. I felt energized and loosened after this- ready to conquer the day! Thank you!
Anytime Practice
Barbara D. - -
Will be doing this one often. Would like to familiarize myself with names of poses that are mentioned. Is it possible to compile a list of terms, ie the one for warrior pose. ( virasana 2 is what I heard). I watercolor and sketch and have started a journal for my journey. This would be most helpful. Namaste
C C. - -
This was a wonderful, thank you!. Nice balance sweetly wrapped into 20 min. It really is an anytime practice, I would go for it in the morning or at noon as well. I did the class at night when I was not quite ready for bed, but was not into a full energetic practice either.