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very good, well-rounded class
Bridget T. - -
excellent full length class. good sequences, great instructions
So Worth it!
Jill D. - -
I really enjoyed the sequence and instructions. I am going to take more of your online classes. Thank you so much!
calvin is amazing!
Bink I. - -
his signature longer holds with juicy hip and shoulder openers. he has more instruction than his usual in this video which i appreciated on a day that my mind was very distracted and needed a lot of direction
around the world
Tatum B. - -
Great class! Thank you.
LOVE this!
Bridget G. - -
For some reason I always choose classes by Alex, prob cause I know she makes ya work! But, I've been really trying to try out everyone else, and I'm so happy I chose this class, I will def take more of Calvin's classes :)
Brilliant Sequencing
Sara C. - -
Calvin, you're a genius. I was blown away by the sequencing of this practice. Just delicious. Deep and well-rounded. Thank you for providing so much silence, too, in the available moments like flowing through salutations, breathing through long holds, and in savasana. Namaste.
No B.S. Style A+!!
Keri S. - -
Thanks Calvin for the perfect cues, no sing song voice or unnecessary preaching. Connecting with my body in a workout like this is SPIRITUAL! Thank you for being so great, you are definitely my favorite teacher here yet.
Ooh Yum!
Jacqueline W. - -
It's rare when I think "oh yum" during a class. Strong with time to connect. A few of the descriptions ended up being extremely helpful to fix what I thought was good alignment. Not once did, "am I doing this right ?" come to mind. I would run away and do Yoga with you any day Calvin!
that is what i am talking about
Adam L. - -
That was a great class coming from a teacher I loved how we went around the mat and I loved the well balance of the class. I was looking for a class to make me work hard and sweet and this class nailed it. Thank you Calvin
Danielle M. - -
I loved taking this class. A perfectly balanced practice. Thank you!
PJ K. - -
Great class. Thanks Calvin
Too much talking
rebecca w. - -
Sorry, but what is with all this talking in level 3 90 minute basic ashtanga classes? I want a faster flow. Not my taste.
Joan R. - -
Level 3 does not mean faster flow
Sara B. - -
wonderful. Intense and challenging yet slow, mindful, and grounding all in one. For a vata type like me, these challenging yet grounding classes are a gem!
Stretchy and strengthening
Michelle R. - -
I loved this class. It was the perfect amount of challenge and left me feeling grounded. Going into my favorites.
emma s. - -
I LOVED this class. As Ulrike also says - Calvins instructions are so clear. Im new to yogaworks but this has been my favourite one yet and I really felt like it pushed me as much as a real life studio class does. Thank you Calvin : )
around the world
farideh e. - -
great class!!!
ulrike v. - -
I appreciate Calvins calm voice and clear instructions and giving space.
Wonderful class!
Amy L. - -
We love this class and Calvin! Very thorough stretching and strengthening flow with Calvins signature original style. Hes always mixing it up and keeping things interesting in a smart and grounded way. My husband and I love his classes in general and this is a great example. Very calming too!
arm balances
allegra s. - -
love it!
excellent class
Patrizia M. - -
I loved this class! My favorite aspects are Calvins peaceful and centered guidance and presence . Really grounding. I loved the original sequencing and the challenging but not too long holds. Will definitely do it again!
Sara M. - -
Loved it!