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Dissolve into the mat
Yulice K. - -
Thank you so much for an amazing zen yoga. I was hurting from losing my dog of 16 yrs just recently & I wanted to feel peaceful inner & outer body. It felt so zen & calming. It was challenging and generated a good amount of heat physically & mentally. She has a lovely gentle way of leading the class. I wish I knew about this class earlier. Thank you .
Sarah P. - -
I went to bed with and woke up with a tension headache. I did this class, and my headache is gone. SO grateful! Just the right amount of heat and stretching to work its way out. Thank you for this class.
Mind Opener!
Vyoma J. - -
This is exactly what I needed this morning! When I don't know what I need, I always take Mia's class and find my way out :) Thank you! Namaste!
Leslie F. - -
Perfect transition class from summer to fall...thank you.
Marie W. - -
Lovely class! Thank you!
Jodie B. - -
Thank you for this beautiful class that strengthens, stretches, relaxes and challenges.
Loved this class!
Corinne O. - -
This class touched on all aspects of my particular practice and I feel energized, lengthened and chill! Thanks, Mia! 💕
Paula M. - -
Really enjoyed this class, I have been racing through my day and my classes - this really helped me to relax and stretch. Thank you
I Love This Class!
Sarah D. - -
Gets the blood flowing + super chill at the same time. Thank you, Mia!
Theresa M. - -
This is a very nice sequence with both flow and holds. Be aware that there's almost no silence; on days when you'd prefer some silence in your holds, the teaching can start to sound like chatter.
I love Mia Togos classes
Massimo C. - -
I love this class! It really makes me connect with myself and to FEEL!
wish there was a 60 min version
Mary C. - -
yummy class
Love your classes
Carla I. - -
Thank you for always instilling in our practices what lies deeper. Namaste.
Soothing, healing
Jenn H. - -
One of my favorite classes on YogaWorks! The teacher has such a calming presence, and the poses are equally restorative and challenging.
Much Needed Healing
Kelly S. - -
I didn't realize how much I needed this class. My body has been incredibly stiff and strained, and I think its a culmination of stress. This class helped me physically feel more open, but also to reflect on what has been causing my body to retain such tightness and stiffness. I highly recommend this gentle, but invigorating class.
Love the release
Alexis H. - -
What a lovely deeply healing practice. It would be great to have a version with the option to modify or even skip the chaturanga/plank sequence -- those with old rotator cuffs just can't modify enough to do this safely.
Jennifer R. - -
A great class to promote reflection with some thoughtful unhurried flow worked in. Great!
Soothing, challenging, and perfect for decompressing
Holly M. - -
This may be a strange word to describe a class, but it was just gorgeous! It meets its description exactly. If you want any kind of healing, this is a good class to take. It is also challenging, so you will have the best of all worlds.
Kare H. - -
Just what I need after three months of quarantine. Challenging enough but gentle, heart opening practice lending a sense of connection and community. Thank you <3
Venia B. - -
Thank you what a relaxing, unique practice!
Challenging and Gentle
Sydni A. - -
Beautiful practice! I'm two weeks into recovery from a car accident that injured my chest and back and just starting to re-enter yoga. The pace of this class really allowed me to assess my body's limits, helped me to relax, and gave me a challenge. Next time, I'd like to hold pigeon, the modified paschimottanasana, and the supported savasana a bit longer.
Restorative & Pumping
Anne-Marie E. - -
This was a good class with meaning, healing intention as well as good yoga flow and heat. Grateful. Thank you Mia.
A little cup of soup for the soul
Heather S. - -
Warm and gentle (but not overly gentle) After sitting in uncomfortable hospital chairs for a few days as my husband recuperated from an accident, this touched on what both my sore lower back and my spirit needed. I can always count on Mia's classes to be just what I need.
A class to revisit
Lien I. - -
I really like the pace of this class, leaving space for deep breathing and giving time for each pose to be properly developed and, you know, felt. It's still hard work, but I can feel my body and mind reap the rewards immediately. Opening hips and shoulders, yet enough heat-building to raise the core temp on a chilly autumn evening. Excellent stuff Mia, thanks so much.
Kate T. - -
This is a great practice for all levels. Nice, mellow poses held long enough to move the breath. Thank you.
return to yoga
Deniz E. - -
I did this class as my first class after a lengthy hospital stay and it was perfect! I feel so much lighter and ready to continue my healing process! Thank you!
Brooke T. - -
This class was so well balanced and at the right pace - I was able to really feel each breath. Often teachers run through poses inhale-exhale, without letting you really breathe deeply. I felt in this class I was really able to find my breath and move deeper into the poses. After a very stressful day at work, this has saved me!
So happy....
Lisa G. - -
Mia, I adored your classes while I was visiting LA. Now back in Australia Im so happy I can still experience them. xxx
Love This!
Corey C. - -
This sequence was exactly what I needed tonight. Thanks so much for sharing!
Jessica F. - -
What a way to shake loose of the gray heaviness of today, By the end of this practice I felt more compassionate towards myself and found an inward sense of joy that was refreshingly playful and childish lol. I find Mia to be a soothing meditative instructor who guides with an effortless flow. I really benefited from this routine. Thank you.
Thank You!
Connie J. - -
I just completed your class Mia and it was just wonderful. Your voice is so calming and reassuring. I enjoyed the poses, this is now a favourite :)
needed this!
Nita B. - -
thank you Mia! This class was wonderful. Please record more! xx
annie p. - -
So needed this today to be softer and kinder
art of healing
farideh e. - -
Just perfect , thanx Mia
Teresa G. - -
This class was perfect for me today!
art of healing
farideh e. - -
I love Mia , her voice n her teaching is so fabulous n promising .
Scion R. - -
This class was perfect for today. You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you so much for sharing you light. Namaste.
excellent practice
Patrizia M. - -
Really excellent practice. So soothing and with lots of opportunities to breathe deeply. Mia has devised a truly healing practice. Sometimes thats just what we need, even if we are experienced yogis. Will go into my favorites :)
Art of Healing
Sandra S. - -
Love! Love This Practice. I felt so good afterwards.