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Bethanie P. - -
Something about this particular sequence of backbends gave me an immediate headache. Had to stop the video and finish with my own stretches and pranayama.
Marah L. - -
I love Sarah`s classes and this one is a new favorite. I am not very strong at backbends but Sarah`s class really instilled a feeling of trust and opening within me.
Great Class
Reema A. - -
The pace was perfect, the moves were so opening and so nice. I didnt feel the time at all!! It left me feeling so good. Sarah is definitely going to be one of my favorites!
Kate T. - -
Lovely class! I love the heart openings and expanding. Backbends make my back feel great, especially after sitting a lot at work. Thank you Sarah for wonderful instruction, cues and insight.
Ana A. - -
Loved how she related every pose to our spiritual beings, I felt like I worked out my soul! Thanks for this beautiful practice
Flies by
Julia C. - -
Sarah is a great instructor -- very reassuring and supportive. I worked harder than I was expecting in this sequence, but it wasn't impossible, and the class flew by for me. I do wish there was another person in this class I could follow along with to modify some of the more challenging poses.
Back pain?
Hannie d. - -
Is it normal to feel a strong pressure on the lower back when doing the two variations of camel? I couldn't take it, had to get out of the pose...
Not my favorite
Emma S. - -
Day 7 of 21 (yes, I am still behind since I am European and we do not get the practices until noon, so I have to do yesterday's practice, if I want to do a morning practice). I have to admit that this was not my favorite, but then I am no big fan of backbends. And I am still struggling with not feeling really satisfied after these short practices.
Great instructor
Carolyn C. - -
Loved her guidance in words and the poses, great sequence - felt wonderful afterwards
Jessica R. - -
This has just become one of my favorite practices. I am so happy this was given as an option for day 6 because I absolutely loved it. Great way to start my Saturday. Thank you Sarah =D I'm going to starting looking at your practices now because you are amazing
Just what I needed
Michelle B. - -
This practice felt like a loving friend pushing me to stay with it and supporting me all along the way. Not a difficult practice in the way of effort, but a well worth it one. I will be doing this again.
immediate favorite
jessica l. - -
Great confidence-building approach to backbends.
Cecilia T. - -
Perfectly balanced with mind, body & spirit!
Wonderfully done!
Amanda T. - -
This sequence was just what I needed after a long day at work! Thank you so much for this amazing class!
Kimberly B. - -
I'm kinda, totally in love this sequence.
love this one
Laura P. - -
love this one