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Creativity at its best
Ina Krumm - -
This class was definitely different...AND JUST GREAT! Unexpected movements that are challenging yet joyful :) Thank you Vytas
Skevi Tofaridou - -
Excellent class by Vytas! More plyometrics please!🙏
What a great class!
Tatiana Samoylova - -
I wish all classes were as great as this one! At least for my level of practice, this is the kind of class I always wish for - very challenging, sweaty, yet doable. I enjoy all Vitas's classes, thank you so much!
Please share more classes like this!
YogaNasana M - -
Super class by Vytas! Please record more classes like this one for those who can't practice with you in person. Thank you!
Mary Marcus - -
fabulous class. love it perhaps best of all the V collection. thank you! mary marcus
Amalia Kerekes - -
Really great workout!
Great Class
Cristina Crawford - -
Very different way of doing some of the usual asanas. And yes, I was sweating! Namaste!
Lots of core work
Jody Wolfe - -
If you are looking for a challenging class, this one is for you. It was a great workout. There was less flow, but more work on core, quads and shoulders. Good pace and a not a great deal of instruction if you are a seasoned yogi.
Loved it!
Molly Okuneff - -
Great, challenging class. I loved how different it was. As others have said, even though I’m super sweaty, it never felt rushed.
Kevin Duffy - -
Best class on My Yoga Works! More like this Vytas - thank you!
Best Class on My Yoga Works
Sophia Lotter - -
This is my favorite class on Well rounded, works poses differently than the usual namaskar A&B. Please Vytas, share more of your studio classes like this on this platform!
Linda Case - -
Really enjoyed this class and will take it again! Thank You!!
Great Class
Nicole Sleddens - -
This had some challenge especially core work at end, but I feel really good after doing this class. Just what I needed this am. Thank you.
Malissa Snyder - -
You are the most awesome instructor I have had! If only I could attend a real-life class that would be awesome! Such wonderful instruction, motivating, inspiring! Great class, feeling the workout! Greetings from the Netherlands!
very good class
Bridget Truxillo - -
love it. will definitely revisit this class. Vytas is an excellent instructor
Merrie Koehlert - -
I realized later that it was harder than I thought.
Delightful surprise!
Meghan Anderson - -
I really enjoyed this class and learning new ways to do familiar poses- as the other comments mention. I agree that it's probably a level 2, and I was expecting a more rigorous class, but I'm not mad about it. Great great class. Loved all the messages sprinkled throughout.
Taz Burmeister - -
Really varied class offering a great perspective on common poses to take you out of your habits. Another wonderful class by Vytas
awesome class
Martina Cederqvist - -
I love this class Vytas, love the variety of the common poses
Ok, But Moderate Class
Chris Hershey-Van Horn - -
I enjoyed this class, but thought it would be slightly more rigorous. It definitely felt more like a Level 2. If you're still sore from doing a previous class, but are seeking something to move your body around at the end of the day, this is a nice option.
Getting unstuck! :)
Amy Garis - -
Thank you Vytas for mixing it up and allowing the practice to include a variety of movements! As always, a challenging but accessible class. Great instruction and energy!
Rafaela Guberovic - -
creative as usual. always worth my time!
Sydni Adler - -
Great for the end of a long day in the car. One of Vytas's more accessible practices, but definitely challenging.
Walking on clouds the rest of the day!
Jean J - -
I loved this class and Vytas! It was energizing and powerful yet gentle at the same time. Thank you for lighting us up and sharing your learnings!
Amy Desiderio - -
Yes! Exactly how I felt... challenging in some ways but also gentle. Awesome variations on poses too!
Another Great Class
M. Woelber - -
Love all Vytas’s Classes. This is such a nice change from a typical vinyasa class. Agree with the other commentor on the class level - the instruction is excellent - level 2’s should try it!! Thanks!!!
Love your body unconditionally!
Vyoma Joshi - -
Yes, that's the message I got from Vytas from this class. I love Vytas' teaching style and easy to follow instructions in all of his classes but this class was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I felt like he made us practice in a true 'yogic' way without us making any judgements about ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally! Namaste!
Monika Kroll - -
I think I’ve said this before...Vytas never disappoints!
Thank you Vytas!
Maria Barbieri - -
Great foundational class. Great principles. Great voice. Great timing. Great sequence. Great teacher. Congratulations and thank you Vytas for you awesome work. Thank you for sharing online with us. Please MORE !!!! love, lula
Love this class
Betty Keiser - - (edited)
Love love this class! Great work out and great instructions. The instructor is very positive and motivating! The class is very challenging. Will definitely practice again!
Lovely class, but rather level 2
Emma Stenstrom - -
Nice class. I loved that Vytas showed us some new ways of doing familiar poses and pushed us to move our bodies in unfamiliar ways. That is so needed! And it was great to have two so different students showing the poses; it made me feel less stiff. However, I am not sure I would call it a level 3 class. Rather a level 2. And I say this because I think level 3 might scare some people who would benefit a lot from this lovely class.