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felt great
Spyros Kontostanos - -
thank you
great class
Bridget Truxillo - -
great class, Vytas is a great instructor
My back feels amazing!
Joy Hengst - -
Full disclosure: I really love Vytas' classes, he's one of the reasons I signed up for YogaWorks. He's very succinct with instruction, but at the same time does not at all shortchange you when it comes to cues. I like that towards the end of this class my back felt so much stronger in chair pose. Also, the transition of twist in crescent lunge into twisting half moon felt AMAZING. This is not only back strength but opening as well. Highly recommend.
Tina Hernaiz - -
good class for your back, but made my lower back hurt - not sure if in a good way.
Hannah Horne - -
Great class if you want to feel it in your back. Love all of the classes Vytas does. It doesn't bother me at all that he refers to the yogis as girls seeing as he is not saying it in a demeaning or degrading tone at all.
Elsbet Servay - -
Nice class, but it would be appreciated if the instructor would stop calling students "girls". It's demeaning, distracting, and especially problematic from a male instructor.
Jana Bozeman - -
Good sweaty fun with nary a sun salute!
Trisha Connors - -
kind of boring but good for back.
Darcy Henderson - -
This was a very focused class. You should try it when you want a vinyasa-free back strengthener - no sun salutes in this one. It's nice to mix it up.