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JOAN J. - -
I loved this class. Vytas is an excellent instructor. It is evident he's very dedicated to the students with his excellent instructions and a most pleasant manner. He really wants everyone to do everything correctly while enjoying the class as well. I would love a couple more level 1 videos. Thank you for excellent work.
Good "Restart"
Hope D. - -
Great restart after breast surgery/biopsy! So happy to be able to move again!
Exactly what I needed——
Kristen K. - -
For several months I had become lazy with my practice and was focusing more on cardio training when I began to have some hip issues. Yoga was just what I needed to return to feeling great and this was a perfect class to get back into it with one of my favorite instructors.
Felt great!
Dina F. - -
Loved this gentle series- my back feels so good after this and great instruction. Thanks!
Great class!
Rebecca C. - -
I've not practiced in two years, after 1.5 years working up to Level 3 work. I know... This video was perfect. It is good for beginners and returnees alike. Vytas describes the proper alignment of body parts in such a way that you don't have to watch the screen. An excellent crash course as to proper form and alignment that was simple, but challenging. Thank you, Vytas, for your Level 1 class!
Lesley H. - -
Thank you Alex, that was so empowering. My Yoga works has helped me stay focused with my daily yoga practice as there is so much to choose from & it's so important to learn the basics 🙏
Does exactly what it says on the tin - thanks!
Andrew S. - -
An excellent & well rounded class. The descriptions of how to perfect techniques are particularly useful. Thanks! 🙏🏻
Easy Alignment + Form Hints
Ana A. - -
What a great class. The pace is manageable for anyone new to yoga or getting back into it and the instruction is very clear. Highly recommended. What a great instructor. Thank you!
Down dog hint!
Cassie H. - -
I've been struggling at home wondering if my alignment is correct with down dog, and your hint about how the elbows should face was just the ticket. Thank you!
Great Teacher
Bonnie B. - -
I loved that I could just listen to him without really having to keep looking at the computer. Great descriptions. Thank you.
Back to yoga for moms
Vismay s. - -
After doing pre natal yoga with patti for the duration of my pregnancy, I couldn't find any class that I was actually looking forward to, cuz they all seemed really hectic but this class is great for easing back into yoga and at the same time makes you feel like it isn't a level 1 either cuz the body feels the benefit in different areas, thank you!
back to basics
lucinda p. - -
Incredibly helpful in helping this 71 year old body in shape again. Thank you
Day 6
Mai T. - -
Great! Thanks!
Really nice
Emily S. - -
Still pretty new to yoga and this was my first class with my yoga works. Really enjoyed it, moves slowly but allowed me to perfect my technique. Good to relax and stretch after a long day. Thank you!
Dorothy W. - -
Simple, yet elegant class with twist of effort - utterly awesome. Thx!!
love it!
Androulla H. - -
I took a break from yoga and was lifting for the last two months and no stretching, i lost my level 2 flexibility! trying to get back into yoga to regain my flexibility, Im going to try incorporating yoga in with my strength training! Thanks for a great class! it wasnt easy!! great to do first thing in the morning before work! not too long, not too short!
back to basics
Lynn L. - -
great for waking up in the morning
Great class!
Julie w. - -
I loved this approach to the basics. It moved slowly but was still challenging.
Lauren B. - -
Ive been practicing yoga for a little over a year now 3x or more a week and its so nice to take a class to ensure my form is correct. And yes, some of the most basic forms are the most challenging :) great class!
Eden J. - -
It was really nice to get back to good basic form with this practice. I will definitely be doing the practice every once and awhile just to remind me how important good form is to a beneficial practice. Thank you!!!
Starting Out
Kylie S. - -
A great video to introduce the poses and ensure proper form. Im just beginning yoga and yep, some of the poses were tough!
Sandra G. - -
Very good for my Yoga dudes + love your Voice
Back to Yoga!
Bailey D. - -
Im working on getting back into yoga. I have been running quite a bit and havent done yoga in a really long time. My body was so tight and needed some reminders on form, this was so great! Thanks!