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Classic Calvin Class
Javier O. - -
Made a special playlist of Calvin only videos because I enjoy his teaching style, his calm demeanor, and because he is clearly knowledgeable. He also makes his students feel good about whatever "body type" they might be in (flexible, loose...) , on that particular day. Since it might be a long time until I see the inside of another yoga studio because of the "Great Lockdown" then this is definitely the next best thing
New to this difficulty
Steve B. - -
Is there a less demanding program for learners
Another favorite from Calvin
M. W. - -
Thanks Calvin for another terrific and challenging class. This class is an excellent complement to some of the flow classes out there - equally as challenging but the focus is different. Thank you!!
Calvin is the best!
Rachael M. - -
I literally love Calvin's classes and sequencing. He is so creative and I know I can count on his classes whether I'm in the mood for a stronger, more powerful flow, or something that's more gentle. His instruction is amazing and he's clearly very knowledgeable about alignment. I also love the pacing of his classes -- I'm never worried about the aches, pains and injuries that frequently come with a faster flow vinyasa class. He's always the first teacher I search when I sign on and I'm constantly looking for more classes from him!
Karla Y. - -
Hello, just curious, are there benefits if we use blocks in doing poses like ado mukha, urdhva mukha, ardhamatsyendrasana, etc? Or we just put them in simply as a variation? Thank you.
gentle but challenging
Michelle R. - -
Loved the creative use of blocks - especially with upward facing dog. I am always excited to see a new class posted by Calvin.