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Tom Benedek - -
Thanks, Mia!!!
Tom Benedek - -
Thank, Mia
Loved it
Dominique Jones - -
It was perfectly balanced in every way
Nice class
Fernanda Desai - -
Although there were not many balancing poses...I was expecting more...the side crow was a nice surprise...nice class but no level 3 like others mentioned. I would call it level 2 for sure. Thanks Mia.
Yes more please!!!!
Ken Martin - -
Mia I am absolute fan of your style of practices. While they are challenging they are also so nurturing, encouraging, and energizing. I so hope to see more classes by you especially longer practices!!! Thank you so so much!!! Namaste πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜Š
My kind of level 3
Neighbor Stefanie - -
Love this and Mia as always. Appreciate her gentle reminders of form in going through this sequence. Her spirit and approach to instruction makes me feel embodied in my own practice. Challenging, but approachable and playful.
pamela salas - -
Short and effective. Love Mia
Lesley Lotto - -
Great class. Love her! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜πŸ’•
Not level 3
Jennifer Hankins - -
A lot of wasted time at the beginning for a 30min class, too much instruction for level 3
Jennifer Borie - -
Just wish there was more hip openers at the end.
Jennifer Borie - -
Loved it! Just what I needed to get out of my head. Thank you!
great combo
Judit Makk-Hatzirakleous - -
good balancing class. lots of core work. i only missed a bit of backbending to the end to stretch those hip flexors and abs. but thumbs up to Mia, Namaste!
Jennifer Hankins - -
Definitely not level 3, more level 2. Need more hip openers before side crow. Good warm up for another class. Lots of pausing and instructions for level 2
Jennifer Hankins - -
Some parts of this class are level 2, some parts are level 3. I would not consider it a level 3. It has some great balance positions.
challenging and well-rounded
Kera Zacuto - -
Found this to be a challenging but fun class, with a good combination of sun salutations, balance postures, and core.
Thank you!
Hanna Benfield - -
Thanks for this one - I used it as a great companion flow after a run this morning and now I feel great! Thanks, Mia!
Nice & Strong
Alexa Ortiz - -
Love it!! so strong and smooth.. not SUPER crazy but just enough to feel a really nice burn in less than 30 minutes. :)
Connie Yilmaz - -
They key to the title is that many balances are included throughout.
Balanced flow
Connie Yilmaz - -
The key word here is to understand what is meant by balanced. Not so much that the programs itself is balanced, but that there are many balances mixed in the sequence. Warrior 3 2x, crow 2x, side crow, balanced planks, eagle, etc. I don't have a strong core, so this was challenging for me.
Chloe Brunton - -
This class was great! Can't wait until I've mastered side crow to try this class again
Carolyn Carden - -
Good poses to create balance, small set of flow poses. Hardest part was so many straight leg poses - still working on my tight hamstrings....
2 Thumbs up!!
Jessica Raymer - -
Day 8 gave me a great balance practice. I am going to put this practice into my morning routine. I really love what Mia has to offer in her classes.
this is not a flow set
Vered Kaufman - -
This is not flow