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Yulice K. - -
I love the pace, simplicity, the count. It is still a workout, but simply peaceful warrior on the mat.
excellent pace
Mary C. - -
This class is great, short and perfect sequencing, plus I love his voice!:) thanks Justin!
Simply Beautiful
Judith M. - -
I've been unswell, and I'm easing my way back. This was perfect ;)
Great release and refresh after a run!
Lisa L. - -
Feeling stretched and relaxed after a hard workout
Best 17 minutes of my day!
Rachel B. - -
Love this classic sequence with excellent instruction. I felt like I was in a full length class. No rushing, lots of space, and we got lots "done". Thanks from a busy mom!
Lovely Pick-me-up or Day-Starter when short on time
Elizabeth K. - -
I like Justin's classes - specific and clear. Time to breathe and hold. Perfect for when time is limited.
Ann M. - -
Great short class, with wonderfully clear instructions. The five breath hold on each pose help with staying present and grounded throughout the practice. Thank you.
My session
Indie H. - -
Loved this and felt awesome
Carol S. - -
I am just getting back into yoga and found this great class. I liked that one person was doing modifications -- really helped me.
fanastic class
Stacey V. - -
my energy has been jumpy and anxious and I wasn't sure anything could dial it down so quickly. really appreciated this 20 min rest.
Lahib H. - -
Thank you Justin Temple, I really enjoy your classes, very clear directions and I can follow along very smoothly. Thank you
Thank you!
Ines P. - -
This is the perfect sequence to focus the mind and be in the moment. Thank you. I really ejoyed this class.
Exactly what i needed
Kapua R. - -
Great detail and the instruction was perfect. I did most of this session with my eyes closed bc i could follow along. length of time was just right for a midmorning break or lunchtime flow. Thank you!
Jamie S. - -
Perfect review. I echo everything stated.
Kapua R. - -
Thanks, Jamie!
Very gentle flow
Julia P. - -
I really didn’t feel like doing anything today but this was a perfect gentle flow so that at least I got some movement.
Great teacher!
Penny G. - -
Love his instruction, tone and voice. More classes please!
AGREE - More, Great, Quick, Easy, Flowing, Good!
Diane C. - -
Voice cadence keeps me focused and flowing. Really like the shorter videos, ensures I don't have excuses not to practice. More, please! Ely, do agree on hip opener. For me was great opportunity when checking in to self correct. THANK YOU JUSTIN!
more myyogaworks classes with Justin, please!
Nancy T. - -
Justin's voice lifts my spirits. I live in Hong Kong - too far from Baltimore to take a class with him - so I wish there were more than a couple of his online classes.
Anne C. - -
I couldn't agree more!!!
Great Video!
Melissa W. - -
Perfect teaching method! It's a great pace, guidance, and flow! I feel refreshed and balanced after this 20minute video. This is my favorite video so far!
Carol S. - -
I like the way he counts the breaths -- slows me down!
great teacher.
Dina F. - -
Loved his voice and gentle guidance. Amazingly nice short practice!
A quick easy flow class
Wendy P. - -
Felt a bit tired and unmotivated to do anything strenuous today but knew a little something would do me well. This was exactly what I needed. A simple easy flow that left me feeling much better than when I started.
Liz R. - -
Justin is a teacher at my home studio in Baltimore, and he is beloved for his awesome presence, calming voice, knowledge of the poses, and just being an all around cool yogi. This is my go-to when I am crunched for time! Namaste!
Quick perfect class
Kat G. - -
I was not in the mood for yoga class today; I'm in day 13 of my 21 day commitment to yoga. This was perfect to get me out of my funk mood, stretch me out and not exhaust me, so i can finish my day. Thanks!
Lunch break yoga!
Meagan N. - -
Awesome! My very first yoga class at home. Success. A great, fun, not too hard class that made me sweat a little!
Perfect quick class
Gloria B. - -
Wonderful when all you have is 20 minutes.
Perfect quick class
Gloria B. - -
Wonderful when all you have is 20 minutes.
Great class!
Paul B. - -
My first class on and it was perfect, thank you!
Great class!
Paul B. - -
My first class on and it was perfect, thank you!
Great for end of challenging day
Susan T. - -
Very nice basic practice with poses that require both concentration and safe adjustments. Nice prep for the next more challenging class.
Love it!
Rebecca P. - -
I love the pace and style of this teacher. Thanks!
Perfect re-entry class
Daemon J. - -
I haven't practiced in a few weeks this was a perfect re-entry class. It reminded to breathe through the tight muscles and engage the core. It was exactly what needed to get excited for another class tomorrow. I'll see you again Justin!
Ely K. - -
Very nice, thank you! One suggestion- the hip opener at the end only worked one side, so perhaps next time we could balance it out by crossing the other leg in front/over. Thank you again!
Be Here Now
S. G. - -
Great short class with emphasis on breath
Kept me present!
Diana L. - -
I loved this class, it was perfect before work and it kept me focused and present in my practice vs. letting my mind wander onto the day ahead. Thanks for the great class!
Be Here Now
toni k. - -
Very good, calming class. Helps me break ths work mode and think more clearly.
Amazing voice!
Stephanie L. - -
Thank you so much for your smooth voice, it brings me into a meditative state.
Chelsea Y. - -
Your teaching method is wonderful! You keep the practice calm and grounded while maintaining the rigor. I absolutely love the 5 breath counting; it definitely helps me to stay focused. I plan to come back to your classes often! Thank you =)
Great quickie!
Tobie H. - -
Perfect length of time for busy people and great practice!
Be Here Now
Casey J. - -
This is a great practice, and I think the title is spot on. I also really enjoyed that he counted out the 5 breaths for the moves. It helped me fully immerse myself in each move while still remembering to breathe. I like Justin as a teacher.
Great Practice
Peter H. - -
The sun salutations were energizing! I also enjoyed counting through some of the poses- it forced me to relax into each one, which was great. Thanks, Justin!
Great Flow Practice
Ana A. - -
He gets right to it! Great flow, lots of chaturangas which i had to modify to simple down dogs in order to keep up this early in the morning. Energizing. Would like to try this again at the end of the day.
strength in stillness
Jody P. - -
enjoyed the flow and found the stay in position for 5 breaths very grounding ,