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Ines P. - -
Gentle yoga flow with lots of options. Love it for a morning yoga session. ❤️ As always, Melanie is the best!
I Love You, Melanie!
Doreen D. - -
This is such a delicious way to start the day. What a gift of love to myself. God Bless You, Melanie! You are amazing. Now I'm off to whistle while I work...
Absolutely wonderful
Mariah T. - -
Having gone through the Yoga 101 JS, the timing of this course along the series is perfect. I felt so great after this practice, successful, and confident in knowing my foundations. Thank you for your wonderful teaching style and explanations Melanie!
Begin to Flow
Donna B. - -
This is a very good morning stretch! As always Melanie's voice is calm , her instruction is clear and a god pace to follow without feeling I need to hurry up. Donna Byrnes
Brian E. - -
This was a great way to unwind after a day at work. Really easy to follow without having to look all the time. Great instructions.
Day 10
Mai T. - -
Good morning routine!
Sabrina C. - -
Perfect for a morning wake-up routine! I loved it and the instructor was engaged throughout the entire video
Bonnie B. - -
Every time I complete this video practice, I appreciate more and more the excellence of the instruction. You've really helped this beginner to improve! Thank you, Melanie!
elizabeth G. - -
Nice simple video with all the good basics for a beginner
Karen E. - -
Ive watched the series Yoga 101, now time to practice. Melanie is an absolute excellent teacher! So much detail. I go to yoga at the local YMCA almost every day...your teaching style is stellar, thank you so much for this! We have a local Yogaworks, but I like the videos :-)
Shannon J. - -
This was GREAT. It was an easy/beginner flow with excellent instruction. You could almost do this session blind, as the instruction is so clear that you dont really need to see the screen. Melanie gives great detail instructions without overwhelming you and she seems to correct exactly what you might be doing wrong--e.g. she knows when you are tensing your face! For me, this was a very enjoyable re-introduction to yoga.
Begin to flow
Gail G. - -
just right!