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Beginner's Balance
Andrea M. - -
Excellent detailed instructions. Helped a lot! I wish I had had this video years ago!
Good balance video
Mimi E. - -
This video goes through a few standing balance poses. It was fairly easy and a nice way to get introduced to tree pose and a couple of others. The instructor provided some good tips to help students focus while doing the asanas.
Ana A. - -
Grateful for this practice, not only with your body or yoga finding balance is the key to mastering any situation
Beginners Balance
Denise S. - -
Never was able to do yoga and this is my first attempt to try and stay with it. Lost my balance several times during the session so I guess I will need to repeat this one until I can stay balanced. Looking forward to success.
Jackie C. - -
This was my very first my yoga works video. It was very soothing and calming. I find myself loosing balance from time to time. It feels great and I'm hoping for great results. I am passing this along to my sister who has been falling a lot lately.
Waukena C. - -
I found the balancing class very challenging. Will keep working until I can stand on the one foot. Also need to buy a belt
Monchel P. - -
I enjoyed this video; but I needed a little more lead time for grounding when transitioning into the poses where I balanced on one leg. I think with more practice I'll get better at it.
plantar faciitis
connie c. - -
I had an injury to my left hip that caused bursitis ad that in turn caused both feet to get plantar fasciitis. I farm. Every day was torture for two years. I have had PT, Drs stretches, injections in my heels, more than 100 visits to the chiro. Somehow THIS has helped me more than those things. Go figure. Maybe it was all about losing my internal balance. But this has helped so much. I will go back for anther set of injections once I see how far I can improve with this. VERY grateful.
Donna B. - -
Very Nice. Easy to understand, no background distraction music. great for beginning.