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Susan S. - -
wonderful mini class. thank you. Your voice is so soothing.
Perfect for a beginner.
Cassandra S. - -
I haven't done yoga in years and no physical activity for a few months. This was perfect for me. My body is so tight and tense and this is just what I needed. I will be adding this to my daily routine.
Melanie is Fantastic
Donna B. - -
Thank you so much for leaving us this calm, detailed instruction on making our bodies work better for us. I just love it! WOW two years since my injury & almost a year since I've been able to do this class with you and comment on it. God Bless you abundantly for sharing your gift with us. :) Grateful, Donna Byrnes
Melanie Lora Meltzer
G L. - -
is excellent. Thank you, Melanie, for helping us learn.
Great Morning Beginning
Donna B. - -
Thank you once again Melanie! I totally enjoy your class : ) . Your voice in the morning is so relaxing before I jump into my daily routine. May God Bless you abundantly! Donna Byrnes
This course is Just Great!!!
Mechele R. - -
This course is amazing for beginners and yoga pros who want to just relax. I love teacher she was very good at explaining each stretch and how it should feel. It also has the perfect amount of time for someone who has a packed schedule. Overall, this course is amazing would recommend!!!
Josann F. - -
This was an amazing course! I loved every practice. The teachers in each were really instructive and motivating. Each flow was independent and yet together they worked perfectly day after day! I did the Beginner level, and I'm going to do the Intermediate for the next 14 days (maybe I'll take a day to rest).
Peggy T. - -
I completed 14 days straight of yoga!!
I did it!
Stacey H. - -
14 days of yoga, and now a new intention and habit. Thanks!
Just great
Bobbi J. - -
This is the perfect 30 minute class. Thanks!
exactly what is needed
Pamela S. - -
great class! perfect for everyday and a great teacher
perfect 30 minute class
Leslie K. - -
I loved this class. It was the perfect combination of basic yoga and some of my favorite stretches. Teacher has such a nice voice and presence.
Simply Great
Svetlana A. - -
I`m glad could practice this sequence before going to bed. Liked its simplicity, moderate pace and superb instructions!
Marjorie W. - -
I do this almost every day. The instructor really describes each movement so well. Highly relaxing and well taught.
Excellent Teacher
Marjorie W. - -
I thought the teacher was terrific. She gave detailed instruction while allowing you to deepen your movement to feel the burn but without overdoing it. Really outstanding class.
Gina K. - -
this was really good. thank you!
really liked it!
Susan L. - -
it's been years for me, and this feels like a great way to get back to yoga - i can *do* it, and i know i'll get stronger!
Loved this!
Katia F. - -
I'm glad to have completed this challenge and will aim for daily practice.
Back to Basics
Genevieve R. - -
Although I am comfortable in a more advanced practice, it was nice to take it easy and get back to basics. It's good to be reminded of the foundations of familiar moves that I was not performing as mindfully anymore. Keeping this one on my list.
important daily work
linda w. - -
this is short enough to do daily, yet hits all the major points to get your day going well!
Very Easy
Bethany C. - -
Great practice but on the easy side of Level 1. This practice is definitely meant for people very new to yoga.
First Timer
Debbie D. - -
My second time doing this one. I like it! Especially the little nap at the end. :-) Thank you!
Sarah S. - -
This was great! I will try to do this daily, it's worth it!
Beth N. - -
I just did this with my daughter, perfect way to reset our day and release the tensions in my back. I am tingling inside. Beth Neal
Beginners Daily Practice
Donna B. - -
This was just what my body needed after work today! I feel stretched and clean inside, very sweaty outside in this humid weather! Thank you Melanie once again :) Donna Byrnes