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More Iyengar Please
Melissa VandenBrink - -
This class is amazing and I would love to see more Level 1 Iyengar classes (please)! Thank You for such a beautiful class.
Nora Prentice - -
Yes. Please. More Iyengar.
Iyengar! Chris!
Cathy Raines - -
More if each, please
More Iyengar!
Linda Curtis - -
Please much more Iyengar!
Happy New Year!
Molly Watkins - -
This class, among others on the site, has helped ease me back into a daily practice. I like her voice and clarity of instructions.
Relaxing and Challenging
Audrey Parker - -
LOVE this class and the Chris. Would definitely like to see more Iyengar classes. Excellent instruction!
More Chris
Megan McCarver - -
So refreshing and useful to practive yoga with love.
This is Great, more of Chris!
Ikonia ulrika Anevska - -
I loved the pace, the details, the instructions. Thanks.
More Iyengar
Melinda Malkewitz - -
Beautiful Class. I feel so balanced. Energized but relaxed. Thank you!
More Iyengar Please
Lorna McCrave - -
Would love more Iyengar. Great teacher.
More Iyengar with Chris please
Tammy Fearing - -
Her detailed instructions are great! What a marvelous teacher! Thank you Chris!
More Chris class , please
Hsinwen Chang - -
So useful and good pointers . Lovely voices, I reall learning in her guidance . Thank you
so lovely
Leslie Kuster - -
I feel so good from this wonderful class. It is a perfect balanced class, that is not without its challenges. Lovely voice and gentle and clear guidance. Thank you
Thank you!
Sara Tecchia - -
Christine, Thank you so much! The best beginners I've ever taken. So many good pointers and you have a truly lovely voice. Where do you teach?
Wonderful classes!
Klaus Franken - -
Thank you Chris for your wonderful classes! Great instructions! I have a question about urdhva hastasana? You talk about 3 important actions. One action is, move your shoulder blades down. I have heard from some other teachers, let the shoulder blades move up in this pose. Could this also a useful instruction? (I know, this is the apposite, what you say or did I understand something wrong.) Please consider filming more classes.
A wonderful way to begin again...
Carol Zeitz - -
Chris, My gratitude, as always, especially at the start of another New Year, to have your classes on line. Hearing your voice and the care and precision of your words allows the body and spirit to respond and once again to feel, as you said, renewal. Namaste. And Love, Carol Z
Love the alignment cues
jeanette Johnsson - -
Thank you for a great class! When are you posting more classes here?
Theresa Wiegand - -
Thanks for the class. As Sharon said, more please!
beginners iyengar
linda churchill - -
great instruction with alignment and care. Just what I like to use. Thank you. Namaste!
Sharon Ledbetter
Sharon Ledbetter - -
Thank you Chris for a wonderful class! I love the chanting of OM and the ending hymn as well as the translation of the Sanskrit terms. Please consider filming more classes.
thanks for this clear and concise class
Shawn Tillman - -
Your cues are great. I appreciate this as a seasoned student!
A beautiful introduction to Iyengar
Gregory Alper - -
Chris brings the yogis to a very precise, relaxed and profound inner state.
wonderful practice
Patrizia Milano - -
I love Iyengar! I love Chris! I love this class! Thank you :)
Jennifer Kuroiwa - -
My first time trying Iyengar. Really appreciated this because as a beginner I am constantly concerned with alignment, engaging the correct muscles, and doing poses correctly. I found this practice more restorative, but definitely did generate some heat. Iyengar is definitely intense and requires deep focus.
Diane Sutton - -
This was a great practice. Thank you Chris. I learned a few new things and felt it so much in my body.