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don't get it
Lynn F. - -
I wish the video offers different camera angles to accompany her explanation. I couldn't get onto the deep core muscle she talked about even with the alternative way towards the end of the video. I end up hurt my right sartorius muscle.
Jolene K. - -
Super difficult. The modifications come too late in the video to be of much help for side one. Also, the twisting movements are done too fast; folks with back issues probably can’t do them this fast without injuring themselves.
Locked lower back
Willie W. - -
Holy Guacamole
natalia v. - -
I am an experienced Yoga practitioner and a teacher and a runner and didn't have enough strength to do the side stretches. They are amazing but so hard to do when not used to...
Lee A. - -
I used to take Holly's classes when I lived in NYC. She is no joke. And this is just hard:/
Mary M. - -
Same here! What other side bending exercises can be done to build into this side bending seried? Thx!
Couldn't do it!
Molly T. - -
Oh man! I couldn't even come close to doing this--even with both "cheats"--block higher and top arm down. What to do? Try until I can or is there another exercise to do to strengthen until then?