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Great 20 min class
Yulice K. - -
Great overall rounded class! Thanks.
Not for first thing in the morning
Michelle S. - -
Maybe like me you saw "coffee" and thought this would be a good wake-me-up class. The first upward dog happens about 20 seconds into the class - I don't know about you but I am not warm enough for that, and the class proceeds like that. This class is probably better for mid-day once you're a bit more loose.
Good morning class
Elizabeth C. - - (edited)
I liked this a lot before a busy workday. Made me feel energized and clear. My only quibbles are minor - in a class so short I would have liked less time spent cueing (this is true in almost all yoga works classes) and wouldn’t have burned so much time with two twisting poses in the heart of the class - would’ve preferred another sun or warrior sequence. I also think a little more warmup before the first sun and also more before camel would be good. This might be a good class for after a run or walk rather than cold from bed. But overall very nice experience.
Great Teacher
Monica Y. - -
Loved this class. Perfect instruction, well paced and very thorough.
Great way to get centered & focused before Zoom meetings
Elizabeth K. - -
Justin's 20 minute class is great prep for the day and in particular before an important zoom meeting. I find the focus on breath and postures centers me and gets creative energy flowing.
Perfect 20 minute flow
Lashley P. - -
Love this flow of asanas. Great instructor, well cued, and great pace.
Victor B. - -
Excellent eye opener!
Excellent class. Quick but thorough
Marietta B. - -
I was happy to see a 20 minute energizer class and really liked the instructor's voice and pace.
Arturo B. - -
Too many backbends.
Angelica H. - -
Yes this class is amazing!!! The instructor is so great!
Calming Experience
Denise G. - -
Enjoyed the yoga exercise and instructor made it sound so calming. Good way to start the day.
Nicole M. - -
This is so perfect for my mornings when I run out of time to do anything more than 20 minutes. The Yoga Teacher has an amazing way of being motivating and calming at the same time. The cool down breathing gives me life!! Thank you Justin!
Really does energize
Maura T. - -
I often have nights where I can't sleep, and the next mornings I barely have energy to practice because I'm exhausted. I started doing this class those mornings and boy does it make a difference in my day.
Ana T. - -
I like it so much fun
Better Than Coffee
Angelika S. - -
Great after or before a run in the morning! Thank you.
Great instructor!
Lori M. - -
Excellent pace and instructions!!
Great way to kick off online yoga
Pilar Q. - -
My first online yoga session was nice and approachable as it had clear instructions and was only 20 min long. Look forward to more.
Great Short Sequence
Sylvia S. - -
This is a good practice for any time of the day. Instructions were clear and concise. I did get lost as he began to instruct what to do with the right hand when last we were seated. Then I got that we were moving toward pranayama.
Stephanie S. - -
I liked the pace of this class. Very clear instructions. Moved every part of the body in a short class.
Mary R. - -
perfect start! Its a challenge for me to practice in house, no community
Having trouble getting the videos to play...
Jennifer G. - -
What suggestions do you have? I've written into customer service multiple times but have not gotten a response. Please advise.
Jenn H. - -
I'm having trouble too! The video content pauses around 1:20 but the timer keeps going... I might try watching on a different browser
Perfect in conjunction with Core Series
Elizabeth K. - -
I'm working on the Core series and this 20 minute workout is a perfect supplement to the core sessions.
Soyoung C. - - (edited)
Really into this instructor. Great pace, great verbal instructions and his tone was simply diabolical. Into it Justin. I see you. A bit distracting to watch because one of the ladies kept getting lost but a simple solve by closing my eyes and just following that menacing voice. This site should let us favorite and save instructor profiles.
Nina S. - -
Diabolical? Menacing? Whaaat?
Nice but challenging
Ari M. - -
I just getting into Yogaworks online and I have to say good job with this video. Super fast but very detailed. I am just getting into level 2 when this pandemic took my classes away. Had to stay open to new ways of keeping my practices. This class reminds me of one of my favorite teachers in LA. Thanks Justin for keeping it simple and fun.
Just say it! Be present with your words, Justin.
Michelle Z. - -
Language too many words: "You're going to bring the" .. would best be "bring the..... I could not listen any more after so much of that instead of direct instructions, sorry Justin. Otherwise you have a great sequence.
Allison B. - -
I finally did this video today and with your instructions I successfully did wheel pose!! I’ve been trying for so long and it seemed like my body would never be strong enough to hold that pose. Well with your instructions, I DID HOLD THAT POSE! It may have been brief and a tad sloppy, but your guidance and instructions helped me accomplish something I simply thought I just couldn’t. Thank you Justin!!! And namaste :)
Mike N. - -
Great job!
Sarah S. - -
Exactly what I needed in a 20 minute class.
Mike N. - -
Me too!
Nina S. - -
Agreed. Wonderful class. Teacher's voice is calm and clear and just right.
Way To Go!!!
Grace S. - -
Excellent class! The teacher explained in detail each movement for proper alignment preventing injury. Way To Go anytime of the day!
Luisa C. - -
My partner and I loved this quick picker upper! Having someone of his same gender encouraged him to join me.
Joan H. - -
Excellent class
Fabulous practice!
Sandra C. - -
Really enjoyed this 20 min practice that challenged me without any injury due to the teacher's careful instructions. Thank you!!!
Tulio Z. - -
Thank you :)
Thank you!
Vickey M. - -
Really grateful to start my day with this class. Thank you!
Nice Class
Michelle M. - -
Great to do in the morning or really any time. Well explained poses and I loved the breathing exercise at the end.
This is a quick and one if you have short time
Lekha K. - -
Loved it, very clear instructions
Amy H. - -
Unfortunately, quite a rigid Ashtanga style. This wasn't made clear in the description, so I ended up stopping half way through.
Great class!
Jamele W. - -
I loved this class! It felt surprising on the one hand and familiar on the other. It was nice and felt different from some of the other Yogaworks videos-but I mean that in the best way.
Calming and invigorating
Rachel B. - -
I enjoyed this class and appreciated the teacher’s delivery. I feel great after doing it. I needed a bit more warm up than was provided before doing camel, so next time I use this video I will do a few sun salutations before starting the video. I would recommend this video for experienced practitioners because it gets you to backbend in less than 20 minutes -you need to know something about your body and alignment when moving into deep poses with little warm up. That being said, I found the teacher’s cues very helpful and complete so did not feel in danger of injury.
Don't care for counting
Jennifer H. - -
Don't care for the counting "1,2,3.." and needs to flow more
Feel so relaxed
Lucy B. - -
Thank you this video relaxes me and showed me some breathing techniques I did not know! excited for tomorrow!
Energizing but no warm up for spine
Claudia M. - -
I have had lower back issues since 30 years and yoga has helped me a lot to get better. Backbends are challenging for me, at the same time there are the most important thing for me and most of us seated creatures to do. However, going into ustrasana or dhanurasana without even a single crescent or low lunge quad stretch to open hip flexors and quads was not working well for me. 2-3 fast rounds of Surya B with crescent instead of 1 round with via 1 would have been better to build heat and open up front body. Otherwise fabulous!
there is no warm up
Maria D. - -
and not enough movement. I was hoping for an energetic morning workout, instead it was a lot of floor work
Would love the same but longer :)
Marianna M. - -
I felt that this sequence gets into deep back bends without building enough heat first. I would love to spend a little more time on the mat in the morning with a sequence like this. Really appreciate all of Justin's queues!
Mellow funness
Michelle R. - -
I enjoyed that! Short and sweet. Just enough to break a light sweat. :)
Too Much Too Soon?
Geordana W. - -
This class jumps into fairly intense back stretches without much in the way of a warm up. I am flexible with no back issues, but even for me this class felt like it could lead to injury
Virginia P. - -
Wonderful morning practice, I feel both energized and open, as my back tends to tighten overnight.
Yoga Works approved??
Julie D. - -
While this is very much in keeping with traditional Ashtanga, the sequencing is counter to what I was taught in Yoga Works TT.
Terrific quick practice to start my day!
He was awesome!
Amy H. - -
Welcome, Justin. I feel energized, especially along my spine. And I liked the instructions for keeping the belly hollow on those floor backbends. Thank you.
Gave me the jolt I needed
THUY Q. - -
Justin's 20 minute practice is such a great morning stretcher. I did not break a sweat, but I gained the energy to start my day. Balanced, peaceful, calm instruction. Thank you, Justin! Namaste.