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Great for before work
Florence R. - -
Currently working from home This is a nice session to get you streched out and ready before starting your day. Not too long but rather complète and grounding
Jessica S. - -
Thank you Florence. I'm on YW livestream M/W 6:00pm and Fridays 11:00am, come se me:) OC channel.
Ruth D. - -
Really great class. Will definitely do this one again.
Nick F. - -
Great flow and attitude. Will definitely come back to this!
Kay S. - -
Absolutely loved this class and will add it to my regular rotation. Great work out!
Linda C. - -
Outstanding class! The best instructor, knowledgeable, great energy!!!
Jessica S. - -
Thank you Linda :)
Total knee replacement
Jill L. - -
I was told by my doctor it might bevVery uncomfortable to be on my knees. I was told by another yoga student that had a knee replacement that she could not sit on her heels anymore because of the knee replacement. What are your suggestions for me to With yoga practice
Jessica S. - -
Hi Jill, each case is very different. In general students of mine who've had knee replacement need padding under there knees in kneeling postures and cannot completely flex at the knees for poses such as child's pose. Just avoid pain! You can do many standing and seated poses that don't require a lot of knee flexion, perhaps this should be my next sequence on MYW:)!
Strengthening bone mass
MaryEllen G. - -
I would love to see a practice modified for those with osteoporosis. I was recently diagnosed and I don't want to give up yoga. A few resources indicate I shouldn't round my back, such as in cat pose or forward fold. Hard to find practices without those! Thanks for considering one.
Jessica S. - -
Will do. Weight bearing in spinal flexion is not recommended due to front vertebrae being weakened, you can use blocks in standing forward folds, focus on resistance in cat/cow - like a high-bred between the two, and straps in seated folds to focus on lengthening the vertebrae. Bets of luck and hopefully more to come:)