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some days you need a Mia class
Mary C. - -
There are lots of great instructors on My Yoga Works, but Mia's strong slow pace, specific cues and the yogic reasoning behind the poses let me observe something about myself every class and feel fantastic afterwards.
I'm officially a Mia fan.
Noree J. - -
After exploring a few of her classes, I nearly felt like I was back at the yogaworks studio on Larchmont with the same energy and intensity and intention I used to bring to the mat pre-pandemic. I'm grateful for this renewed challenge and grounding.
Fantastic morning class
Andrea E. - -
To break on through no acrobatics are needed, but to go through and hold on a little longer than expected. I really loved it.
Marcelle M. - -
Definitely held poses for longer than I'm used to, and thus the class was a bit slower moving. Very well-rounded nonetheless and left me feeling amazing. Perfect start to the morning!
Too much talk
Taz B. - -
Constant talking made it hard to be present and focused
Wonderful class
Anna G. - -
This class is strong, classic, juicy. Super specific instructions to get you deep in the poses, not too much weird fancy stuff, just really good solid yoga. I feel amazing. Thank you.
Great class
Jennifer B. - -
Really enjoyed this class.
Tina R. - -
Great session. Loved the explanation of moves and body parts but great stretching and muscle work.
Great morning class
Dominique R. - -
Break on through to the other side. Namaste.
Camilla D. - -
Soothing, Challenging, Opening
natalie b. - -
Love this one. It challenged me and relieved stress.
Vinyasa flow class
Farima M. - -
Good after work!