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Beau B. - -
I really enjoyed this highly informative handstand tutorial. I beg to differ with those who say there weren’t enough inversions. I was all the way vertical more than ten times, even clapping my feet ! Thank you Jennifer !
Cheryl R. - -
Not a very sweaty or fast paced class but it does a good job of breaking down components on a handstand for practice. Good core and pelvic activation focus, not as much of a focus on shoulder stands. We didn't spend much time working on an actual handstand.
Good class
Fernanda D. - -
This class has a nice sequence of asanas and it brings good preparations for handstand...I think that she could have offered more handstand practice with wall or other variations. But for a beginner it was a good class. Thanks.
Nice handstand prep
Kelly S. - -
Really nice sequence building up to handstands, though not really a level 3. Definitely a good class to work up to more advanced inversions.
Amira S. - -
Thanks so much for this creative sequence. I loved the flow into the peak pose. Super helpful for any level.
Decent Prep for Handstands
Ryo S. - -
As someone who trains gymnastic handstands, I can say this class teaches many of the fundamentals needed for a good handstand, particularly drawing the ribs in and engaging hollow body. It does not cover other necessary elements like engaging the fingers and stacking the shoulders while inverted. As others have noted, the class has very few actual inversions. While this sequence probably won't ever get you to fully realized handstands, it is a great way to combine a hatha flow with some handstand fundamentals.
Cleina B. - -
Thank you Jennifer for the perfect class to strengthen myself for a better practice and handstand!
Loved it!
Pamela M. - -
I love Jennifer classes and this one is a great example of her. So even if I cannot attend her classes for whatever reason, I can practice with her at home. Happy overall!
Helpful and Lighthearted Sequence
Ursula R. - -
Always fun to work at handstand! Physical elements of handstand are worked through out the entire sequence which is nice because you feel like you get a "full" practice while doing all the prep you need for the peak. Glad to see Jennifer is on here so I can catch her if I miss a class! Nice work!
Few actual inversions
Karie L. - -
I liked the class, but, based on the title and description, I expected it to consist mainly of inversions, so it was a bit disappointing how few inversions there were. Instead, the class seems to be based on the idea that, if you practice this sequence, even though you're not doing many inversions here, you'll eventually strengthen and stretch yourself such that inversions will become easier.
Great Class
Beth H. - -
Love this class! You know a class is good when it goes by super fast! Thanks Jennifer!