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Janine F. - -
Heather! Your online class is exactly what this gal needed! Since I've moved, I miss YogaWorks and all the incredible teachers-- but this platform gives me access to you and my community that I miss! You are an incredible teacher and your voice is so soothing & your cueing & sequencing is brilliant. Sending BIG hugs from Miami Beach! -Janine :) xoxo
A Superior Experience
Michelle S. - -
As always, a superior, enriching experience. I frequently take class with Heather, so I am delighted to find one of her Level 2 classes on MYW for those days when I cannot make it to a studio class. Thank you, Heather -- you're the best!
Paola D. - -
Great class Heather! We need more videos :)
Perfect class
Dorothy H. - -
I have been practicing with yoga works for about 2 years now and just finished Heathers class. It has officially become my absolute favorite! Her instruction and guidance through breath is perfection!
Slow Pace / Long Holds
Denmo I. - -
A good class to slow your flow down. Not much flow and a lot more instruction than I think was needs for a level 2 but lots of core work plus time for inversion at the end if that's your thing. Thanks for this!
Margo S. - -
Just right, Heather. Wonderful class, great pace for me today, working through stiffness in a gentle, peaceful way. Namaste.
Lyndsey H. - -
Gentle well rounded, excellent cues. Would love over longer classes from Heather
excellent class with lots of variations
Kera Z. - -
This class was a great way to wake up today. Heather does an excellent job guiding us back to the breath in each pose, which made the challenging parts more accessible. I also love the way she offers variations at each stage, so you can make it as challenging or peaceful as you want.
Millie S. - -
Heather, your cues are excellent, really enjoyed this sequence! Thank you!
Calm, Strong Practice
Elisabeth S. - -
I really like the way Heather was guiding me through this practice. I felt very safe and I also had enough time to go deeper into the poses. The sequence was perfect for me- I will do this class regularly from now on! Thanks Heather
A Gem
Jana B. - -
Heather is such a of YogaWorks best kept secrets. Thank you for this lovely class!?
Perfect Intermediate Flow
Tracy G. - -
Love, love, love this class!
Perfect flow
Lyndsey H. - -
Will do this again, first class with Heather
Maria R. - -
a superlative class! Heather is in touch with her virtual audience! Will visit this practice often!
Camilla D. - -
one of the best! very powerful! thank you!
Heather M. - -
I was skeptical about doing yoga with a cough and cold, but actually doing this class seemed to open up some blockages and helped rid me of my congestion. It was just intense enough to strengthen without depleting one's energy. Great class!
Lyndsey H. - -
Great level 2 class right amount of energy expended with balance and headstand/ handstand. Would love longer class like this!
Myra D. - -
I LOVED this class. In a video class setting, I imagine it can be challenging for an instructor to find connection with students they can't see, but Heather does a terrific job of giving me more of the yoga studio feel and energy. Her sequencing and instruction is spot on and her voice is soothing and reminds one to be mellow about all this. Thanks Heather.
Maryia P. - -
Love today's practice! I like how Heather uses her voice; it's really powerful..Thanks!
Diana E. - -
Such a great teacher - well done!
Desirae T. - -
this was my first video I did, and I am in love! Perfect sequence, such an awesome instructor. Can't wait to do this one again.
nice practice
Michelle R. - -
This was moderately challenging..loved the move from side plant to one arm/one leg plank. I appreciate also that it included an inversion and I wished that all of the hour long + classes incorporated them.
Perfect pace.
Derek M. - -
I really enjoyed this class. The core strengthening really tied the poses together well. Thank you Heather.
Dana W. - -
That was awesome!