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Kika Antoniou - -
Great sequence, thank you! Loved it!
Good progression but instruction felt off
Nathan Naze - -
I found the sequence of movements in this lesson to be helpful in building toward crow and at a nice level of difficulty. But I found the instruction distracting -- the tone felt more appropriate to a personal trainer or coach than yoga practice, with some odd imagery choices (a peeing dog? zombie?).
Good Progression to Crow
Lindsay Bond - -
Really good sequence working toward final crow pose, nice little cool down.
Great work for the hips!
Jody Wolfe - -
I really enjoyed this class and it was nice instruction. I needed a little more stretching of my hips at the end.
pamela salas - -
Nice variations, awesome class to get to crow
Great pace & flow
Devon Fischer - -
Great class, really had me warmed up and feeling the benefits right away. Awesome pace and direction as well!
Got me to crow!
Margaret Monroe - -
I usually have a hard time hitting and holding bakasana, but this got me there! Great class to wake up the body and balance.