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Very good for bodyawareness
Bertha Johansen - -
I love this class. Excellent instructions.
Great for hip stability!
Danielle Kingsbury - -
I loved this class! I have had issues with my hips being tight and unstable for years, and am so happy I stumbled upon this course to help improve the strength of my hips. I am hyper-mobile and this class was perfect in its approach.
Different class
Fernanda Desai - -
I liked few asanas very much, like the one standing on the is more of a therapeutic class but interesting to be done in easy days. I liked it. Thanks David.
Too slow
Jaclyn Langer - -
It's very slow, too slow. He talks through most of it and doesn't get to much yoga. I found that he talked through inhaling and exhaling but not at all in sync with how someone would actually breathe and I couldn't sync the moves to the breathe like he was saying because he was moving too slow.
Michaela Turpin - -
I really enjoyed this class. I have some lower back pain issues and wanted to work on strengthening my hips and glutes and this class was perfect. It reminded me a bit of Pilates and moves that look deceptively easy, but if you are doing them correctly, definitely work. There are some very challenging postures, like the low yogi squat and twist, and the balancing on one leg for quite a long time. And the abs work. It was pretty much what I was expecting and I enjoyed it and it helped me with my low back pain. I though the explanation was also needed, as without getting the postures correc, because they are small movements, you won’t be doing them correctly.
Excellent Instruction, but too slow
carrie nowik - -
Very clear but not challenging enough to feel the intention of the practice.
Monica Trinca - -
I love to see kundalini here online.
Nina Bhatia - -
Helped me so much with my muscle pain I was having. Thank you!
Sherie Koch - -
He talks too much and not much yoga.
Very slow and gentle
Kristin Vance - -
I would say this is good for someone very new to yoga. It was not very difficult and I agree with some of the other reviews that it was very slow.
Too Slow.
MJ Myers - -
Too much chatting.
Focused work
Carol Williams - -
Was a workout passive yoga class ... ideal to mix with some vinyasa practice
MJ Myers - -
Way too slow. Too wordy as well.
Jennifer Matthews - -
This class was perfect. The glutes are needed to support the hip and lumbar joints. Without strong glutes, a practitioner can get injured in a yoga class. Plus, all the receptive forward folding, just ove-rstretches the glutes, and weakens them even more. Well done David for actually teaching, instead of just leading a class filled with poses that have no purpose. David is trying to build strong yogis, not hypermobile bodies that are more prone to destabilization. As a yoga teacher, I support this practise.
Sarah Burton - -
Totally agree with laurel. This class is way too slow and he doesn't spend equal amount of time on each side.
Too slow
Melissa Krumholt - -
I usually love David's classes but this one is too slow. 10 minutes in and I feel like I've done nothing but get frustrated :(
Block not optional
Block is mandatory, not optional to do this class. I'm fifteen minutes through, and blanket seems pretty necessary too.
Patrizia Milano - -
Sorry David, I couldn't go past the beginning. Too much talking, too slow, not enough movement, sort of boring :(
Butt of Course is just what I needed
Ingrid Cheng - -
I have sciatica and my Physical Therapist said I needed to work on my butt muscles, this class helped. I also worked up a sweat.