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Nice post-workout sequence!
Lisa D. - -
Lots of stretching with vinyasas as well!
Just what I needed!
Alejandra M. - -
Fantastic sequence for a day where I had low energy but wanted to move. Great hamstring and hip opening stretches, with some flow.
C C. - -
Beautiful sequencing and instruction, really enjoyed your session.. thank you πŸ™
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Kyra M. - -
I can't stop doing this class, I wish Yoga Works had more like it. Not Yin or restorative but also not a "power" yoga, cardio flow. So nice to have time get into the poses but still move. Such great hip-openers. Thank you, Alexandria!
New. Favorite. Video.
Heather W. - -
This is just perfect for when I don't have a ton of time but need to go from twitchy to bendy and get the stiffness out of my glutes. Calming and nourishing. Thank you!
Kristine C. - -
The very best sequence I’ve done so far. Amazing after running 2.5 miles. My hips feel amazing and so does my mind πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
Just right...
Jami W. - -
What a great class for when we need something smooth, settling, and calming to really help us appreciate our practice and take in a deeper breath of ahhhhhhhhhhh...
Alexis H. - -
total release... Excelent active meditation. Thank you
Nice stretch with enough flow
Lien I. - -
This was perfect as a first class after having been really sick with the flu. Lots of stretching (hips, hamstrings), calming because of all the forward folding, but still plenty of flow with vinyasas in between: nourishing for the body with just a little movement to pull it out of its rut. Thanks Alex!
great after a flight
Georgina D. - -
hips, hamstrings, back needed a proper stretch after a ton of flights. this did the trick. my cat came and got me out of savasana by sitting on me ;)
Very nice to end the day.
Lindsay B. - -
This is good for a candlelight flow. A little challenge worked in, but mostly relaxing. Enough time in between poses to really get into them.
Barbara J. - -
Helped to open my tight hamstrings and hip flexors. Good for runners!
Great night practice.
Annie L. - -
A little bit of work for a great stretch and nice relaxation. Perfect to end the evening.
Amy H. - -
I enjoy the class alot but a warning that she wouldn't be finishing the shivasana would have been helpful
kimberly c. - -
Wonderful and calming. I'm a 1/2 so this is perfect for calming while still challenging. Thank you!
Quiet and easy
Vanessa R. - -
Enjoyed this flow - the 48 minutes seemingly flew by. I would however put this more in a 1/2 level as it is a very simple, slow paced class. Nice way to decompress on a Friday evening!
Sandra G. - -
Chrissie S. - -
Great hip opening flow. I liked the amount of work vs calmness
thanks alexandria!
Adam N. - -
i had a wonderful practice with your video this evening. just what i needed. i know it will become a go-to for me, as i need the work in the hips and hammies. id appreciate a variation/modification for double-pigeon - could not do that one at all.
Patrizia M. - -
I like this class, although I dont find it as calming as the title suggests. There is a very dynamic flow sequence (the modified B/C) that i all but calming. Also, a small detail, there s a bit of misdirection with he right and left leg and stepping forward motion during that very sequence. Not a big deal, still a bit distracting as Alex doesnt pick it up.
calming flow
farideh e. - -
juliana f. - -
The perfect class for this sleepy, new moon evening!
Great class.
carrie k. - -
This was the perfect class to do in the evening. Thanks for the great instructions.