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Love this! Will be doing this every week!
Zoe Stokes - -
Her instructions are so clear I just listened and understood exactly what she meant! Feels good to find something that makes my heart pump in the first 5 minutes!
Fast, but definitely worth it!
Marissa Terranova - -
Yes, it's fast. Yes, it's challenging. Yes, there are PLENTY of Vinyasas to get your heart rate up and get you sweating. That's why it's called a level 2 cardio flow! If you're not used to flowing through poses, maybe this video isn't for you. But her directions are very clear and her reminders of alignment are really good. And even though I paused about 11 minutes in thinking I was going to quit, I stuck it out for another 6 minutes and then the cardio was DONE! Nice stretching at the end. Glad I stuck it out!
I liked it
Jennifer Baker - -
While fast for sure, which the pacing could've been slowed slightly, I think this was a good one to start the day and break a sweat.
Too fast
Liz Armstrong - -
The flow was too fast and I stopped (which I never do). Disappointing. They should not have this as the second class in a journey series. Demotivating.
Megan Hayes - -
Whew!!! That was tough!!! Nice class to get your heart pumping!
Quick and to the point
Holly Shafer - -
I love this sequence. Challenging and quick. I have to disagree with the other posts about it being too fast to benefit. I thought it was great!
Karen Shideler - -
fun fast flow with great alignment cues. was not too fast. if it's too fast then just go slower. oh the joy of yoga!
jessica lillian - -
Always a favorite. Surprisingly well-balanced for a short flow-based class. Wouldn't recommend unless you can very quickly align yourself properly in your sun salutations, etc. , though. I skip a couple of the flows when my alignment starts slipping.
Chi Gibbs - -
I agree with Cheryl Fischer. The flow is way too fast. Would be great to have the full breathe in each poses.
Cheryl Fischer - -
The flow is too fast, there isn't even time to properly set a pose or get through the a movement before she's moving onto the next. I understand a fast flow for cardio but there just isn't time to move this fast unless you're an expert.
Holly Hummel - -
Alex will get you warm fast with this sequence! Perfect if you've already had a class and want to warm up again to practice inversions or just play without straining.
Karla Mitre - -
That was deliciously HARD!
Kathleen H - -
I'm all for Cardio, but I also like to complete a breath when I am told Inhale/Exhale. Otherwise I feel like I am hyperventilating.
Cardio is right!
Ursula K - -
The cardio portion ends at 17 minutes and is followed stretching. Its intense. She moves fast through Sun Salutations A and B with modifications to work out the arms and abs (feel the burn) and later the legs. Perfect if you want to sweat in less than 20 minutes.
quick 20 wake up and sweat
Tracie Maffei - -
awesome quick flow