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Really great, full practice.
Molly Malarkey - -
I agree with some of the comments below me about how as a RYT, the "talking" is helpful and it's nice to think about the asana you're in and what chakra it connects to!
Its a spiritual practice and more!
Merrie Koehlert - -
Mia is constantly reminding me the depth, beauty , architecture, and creativity in the poses we do. I love the byproduct of getting physically strong, but ultimately to feel aligned and peaceful is nothing but good.
Saronita Shalimoon - -
I found it very hard to focus on my practice in peace and quiet. You lose the flow.
Great Chakra Lessons
Beth Coombs - -
I love Mia's teaching! She is so good at integrating important lessons with relevant yoga poses. The time just flew by with this class and was a great balance of relaxation and challenge!
Jesse Polson - -
Love this class thank you so much
First Class for 2018!
Claire Tan - -
Loved the message, loved the practice :)
Way too much talking
Mary Dannelley - -
There is no flow to this class because the teacher talks way too much. While some chakra lessons are good, this instructor spends so much time giving life lessons that she forgets to teach yoga poses.
So much talking and loooong holds
Eun Jung Decker - -
I think the teacher is great, but the holds are unreasonable. There is no flow because there is so much talking and holding.
Loved Mia's Chakra Lessons
Summer Morris - -
Being a YTT-200 student, I totally appreciate Mia's chakra lessons throughout the slow vinyasa flow. A favorite class of mine.
Loved the "Talking" :)
Jenna Van Der Volgen - -
As a yoga teacher myself, the explanations and verbal reminders are what keep me coming back to Mia's classes. She inspires me to be a witness to my practice in a very authentic way, and I feel I am able to connect with her teaching much more profoundly. There are many times where I would normally pull out of a pose, but with her reminders and loving directions, I am able to keep steady in my mind as well as body. Total union. <3
Laura Mörsdorf - -
You are putting what i am feeling into words. Thank you! Love Mia too, and i keep coming back when i need more than just asana.
Slow strong meditative flow
Michelle Risley - -
I enjoyed this class and felt superb when it was finished. The poses were good and there were some long strong holds as well as a killer core section too which I'm sure I'll feel later. I normally really love all of Mia's classes but I'm with the other reviewers on this - this one was "chattier" than normal. I just tuned it out and it was fine. :) That's her style and most of the time I'm fine with it but it seemed more talking than her usual. I still love Mia and am excited anytime I see something new from her.
MONDAY morning happiness :)
Donna Lama - -
Im usually a strong vinyasa girl and kinda stay away from the slow moves and lots of talks, BUT I fell in love with this flow. By the end of the hour I was 5 times more happier than what I was when I woke up, I felt energised and ready to take on Monday and the week with a positive and strong and calm mind. I feel so good. I LOVED the talking cus it was soothing and what she said resonated with what I think and feel. I feel so centered and balanced... It's insane 😱😱❤️❤️
Gillian Brockell - -
Such an amazing flow. I understand we all have different preferences, but I found Mia's voice and instruction helpful and energizing. It's important to me to know about the spiritual aspect of each pose and not just get the workout. Mia is the best at this!
Agreed about the talking
Boston TT - -
I love learning about the chakras, but keep the direction about alignment while in the poses so that the focus stays there. I think that more of the talking could come when you are in more "resting" poses like Uttanasana, child's pose, downward dog even. Appreciate the knowledge about the chakras, though.
Too much talking!
Sabrina Geraghty - -
A well informed teacher ( I appreciate that) but I couldn't finish the class because the talking was too distracting and irritating.
Arleen Ferrara
Arleen Ferrara - -
I really loved the integration of the subtle body to the asana. Yes, she's talking the whole time but that didn't bother me at all. Everything she said was important and well timed. I was able to take in the info and still stay within. I loved it and would recommend to anyone!
Natasha Rodriguez - -
Thank you
Again, another class with way too much talking
Aimee Garcia - -
I would love to learn the knowledge but it's way too much to digest during one yoga class. I couldn't even focus on my movement and movement meditation. I couldn't even focus on my body but had to keep going into thinking to try to understand what the teacher is trying teach. I couldn't even finish this class. This is the third comment I made about my yoga works classes doing too much talking. Is there any teacher here doesn't do so much talking?????
Totally chilled me out
Gina Patel - -
Always great taking a Mia class. Lover her voice. Every time i'm feeling unsettled or anxious- a class with Mia somehow makes me feel so much better.
Hanna Benfield - -
Mia, you have done it again - such a great flow and wonderful concepts to guide and bind it together. I loved every minute of it! Thank you!!
Joni Ostler - -
Wonderful flow and challenging core section.
Way too much talking
cara sanfilippo - -
I wanted to love this class as I always love to learn more and go deeper into my practice, but I couldn't concentrate with the chatter. Not right for me, very distracting.
Awesome Flow
natalia vasakova - -
It's a simple but challenging flow. Very informative yet not overwhelming. I indeed appreciated all the information while holding poses. It helped me to focus on breath without trying to get out earlier when it got a bit challenging. it was very distraction to keep the focus. And this is a big one I loooved Mia's voice. Seriously. I don;t what's with the teachers these days. A lot of them are way too encouraging 'yellers' like or mistaken a yoga studio for their newest show rehearsal and speak to students in their high pith actress like voice. I can't stand it. So thank you Mia for your calm and nice way of talking! :) Well done!!!
Amazing chakra flow
Lauren Fowler - -
Loved the chakra flow for a relaxing weekend morning. Challenging and relaxing + love the combination of the physical and energetic body systems. The om while in camel was new and a really interesting way to stimulate the throat chakra.
Too much talking
Carolina Romero - -
Good practice but I would have to liked much less talking while holding the poses. It was a good sequence but it could have been shorter if there was more silence for meditation. Thanks.
One of my favorites!
Andreia Gardner - -
This sequence is one of my favorites. I love everything about it. I practice when I need to bring some energy back to my day.
Just ok...good navasanas though
Marlene Piol - -
Instructor is clearly knowledgeable about chakras but, for me, was way too chatty to the point of distraction. I couldn't really relax into any of the poses. Personally, I prefer a quieter flow. There was a great navasana segment around the midpoint though that works up a mighty sweat.
Laura Reidy - -
Lovely practice overall. Mia is always really great about bringing your awareness to the spiritual level of the practice.