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Chris K. - -
Great class. Thank you.
Excellent cues for alignment
Marguerite R. - -
This teacher is great. His instructions kept me focus and out of my head.
nice work
Spyros K. - -
thank you
new favorite teacher!
Amy G. - -
I love Tim's classes! Such a great instructor. A really nice strong and challenging class and I felt safely guided into all of it. I would love more Tim videos!
Nice and grounding
Annie L. - -
Great class. Challenging but still simple. Would love more level 3 classes with Tim. His instructions are always precise and on point.
More Tim!
Diane C. - -
I love this teacher! Wish there were more classes, he's amazing
Monika K. - -
i broke a sweat!
Amazing abdominal focus!
Jill D. - -
Tim gives very clear instructions so I felt certain what to work on in the challenging poses. I have done this practice several times as my abdominals have learned so much. Thank you!
Wonderful Teacher
Hannah L. - -
I used to take Tim's class in the studio, but then I moved away. He is such a unique teacher, and I'm so grateful he shares his classes online. I love the way he balances calm and invigorating energies.
Aaron S. - -
Love how "shapely" my ankles are becoming with these poses ;-)
Jaime K. - -
Good class if you don't have back problems. Lots of twists and challenging, but not impossible. Thanks for the reminder to focus on alignment and not push through everything.
great teacher
Susana D. - -
if you like a strong, slow, mindful flow, this is for you. i have done this class multiple times and love it. very grounding. the teacher is amazing, and has a very calming effect in the way he delivers instruction. thank you!
Melissa M. - -
A very challenging class! Tim teaches with a sense of calm and clarity. I'll be back.
Core & Abs Flow
Laura K. - -
Excellent strength class with lots of "yoga wise" tips!
Loved this class!
Anne O. - -
Fantastic! This was my first class with Tim! So good. Nice voice, great cues and challenging. Thank you, Tim!
He's the best
Shaida E. - -
Can we get more videos with him? super talented
Trudi C. - -
Really enjoyed this class. Smooth transitions and excellent cuing. Thank You
Love this Class... Tim needs more classes!
shannon G. - -
I love this Core class.. I do it a couple of times a week. Tim needs more online classes - same length. Makes my day! Shannon - Mexico City
So good...Love Tim's class
jenny n. - -
I'm so glad Tim's classes are on here. They are hard but so good and addicted.
Kimberly M. - -
This class is the same as being able to open up a bottle of Sunshine vitamin pills. Take one, slowly warms ya up, energizes. Felt lit, and strong, steady. Great class to <3 to keep when you need to keep a focus close to your own heart.
Awesome class!
kat b. - -
Great way of incorporating core into the practice. Loved it!
tough practice
Patrizia M. - -
I don't usually say this but this is a tough class! It really makes you focus on each single area of the body that it is working. I loved the pace and the fact that I could breathe very deeply and release old seated tension as well as work the muscles thoroughly.
Matt B. - -
Great instruction!
Deceptively challenging
Michelle R. - -
Tim I love your style!!! Looking forward to more level 3 classes from you.