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What I needed today ;-)
Crystal K. - -
Thank you Melanie, that class was exactly what I needed this morning ;-) Your voice is so calming & relaxing even in some more difficult poses.
Great Direction on How to Hold your body while you stand
Helen S. - -
I wish I learned what the instructor taught as a teen. I have all these tight areas in my core that I'm trying to correct as an adult. Just doing the exercises relaxes my tight muscles. I think this is a game changer my posture.
Sharon B. - -
So as I am trying your trial online classes I can not access workouts due to an upgraded plug in download but which one? Not a great start as it doesn't state which one I need.
Sasha D. - -
Melanie is a great teacher! She is so calming and informative on doing the poses correctly at the same time.
Best Instructions.
Svetlana A. - -
Loved the instructions, the focus on alignment! I could feel engagement of the whole body through the core-practice. Thanks.
Liz T. - -
I did side plank! Thank you Melanie - love your classes!
Marilyn S. - -
This is one I should do more often. I have room for improvement! Only 20 minutes but wow!
Elizabeth G. - -
great heat-building poses! Excellent alignment cues. I should do this sequence often.
A little slow
susan a. - -
Some of the poses were great, but I found it a little slow to start off. I only have 20 minutes in the morning to do yoga, I don't want 10 minutes to be warm up and cool down.
Sara V. - -
Loved the teacher's voice and cues. Nice little sequence
Happy Core!
Amber C. - -
I know I need to work my core awareness. And I don't usually enjoy core work. This class is a great balance of awareness, gentleness and work. Thank you.
perfect quick morning stretch
Kate H. - -
hit this before i got on my way and can feel the difference!
Core Awareness & Strength
Donna B. - -
Woke up feeling back pain. So on the mat with Melanie and feeling relief. Thank you Melanie :)) Donna Byrnes
Core Awareness & Strength
Donna B. - -
Just love this class first thing in the morning! Great wake up of the body. Melanie is a great instructor too! Donna Byrnes 6-22-15
Rhiann E. - -
I am loving this instructor
Good beginning class
Carolyn C. - -
Not vey challenging but good stretches/poses.
Day 3
Vickie F. - -
This felt good tonight!
Dina D. - -
Nice way to end a long day!
day 3
jennifer m. - -
My intention was to keep proper posture while in each pose.
Nice beginning
Jessica R. - -
My intention for day 3 is to breath into calmness because I have a tendency to loose focus on of my breathing and when that happens I get a headache. Another intention I have because of this practice is to focus on my posture. I tend to let my butt stick which causes lower back issues.
Day 3
Mai T. - -
Good one! Not too terribly hard first thing in the morning.....
Jessica R. - -
This was a nice session to end my day with. Felt those core muscles working.