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Chelsea M. - -
What I’ve really come to like about all of Vytas’ classes is the true workout I always feel I’ve gotten by the end. It brings a physical component I don’t always get in my practice. Thank you!
Great class!
Tatiana C. - -
Unique take on back work. Great instruction and positive feedback.
My lower back is grateful!
laura b. - -
Excellent instruction and non-traditional back work. felt great and worked up a sweat. thank you, Vytas!!
Easy yet Hard
Sheila S. - -
Love how you give just the right amount in each pose. Not too hard...not too easy. Just right. Thanks
Core Flexion
Angelika S. - -
Thank you. Great class, just what I needed today. Felt really good.
Nice core sequence
Lien I. - -
nice core sequence with a good portion of it lying on the back, and mixing movement with counter-movement. No need for blocks! Also: friendly and encouraging Vytas in this one :)
Loved this one
Hugo W. - -
good amount of trembling and twisting, loved it! Thank you, perfect for a quick sweat before a lunch break
Loved it!
Paola D. - -
Love your extra push !
Christine F. - -
Great class to begin a beautiful day, Thank you !
I'm yours!
Tamara W. - -
I've thoroughly enjoyed your Power Yoga series, and today just really needed some core awareness. Love your coaching and the fact that you emphasize listening to our "inner teacher"! Thanks!
First time as your student
Maryann L. - -
This was a great practice, thanks for the gentle nudges to reach, breath and grow.
Thank you
Yenny U. - -
Definitely needed this today! Great way to calm the chaos during these times.
Paul B
Paul B. - -
Thank you
Thank you
Moradeyo A. - -
Thank you so much. We are in such scary/uncertain times, and I was feeling lost without my weekly yogaworks classes. Thank you for helping me breathe again.
Great way to get back on the mat
Emma F. - -
When I seek a physically challenging practice with a lot of strength building, I typically look for a class with Vytas, and so my anxiety about getting back onto the mat after a long break almost led me away from this one. I am pleased to say this was the perfect amount of challenge and ease for me today, and I am now looking forward to moving through his other classes next. Thank you Vytas!
Awesome ;-)
Crystal K. - -
Loved this class - Vytas is an incredible Yogi - will be doing this class regularly - Thank You ;-)
Great workout!
Amalia K. - -
I really love your wotkouts. Keep doing it!
Nori S. - -
another excellent vytas practice
Bridget T. - -
so good for working, conditioning and strengthening the mid-upper back while also still making it feel like a rounded practice. Thanks Vytas!
Perfect for a break from the desk
Bettan S. - -
This is just the perfect break from a day of writing. My back is so grateful.
Perfect back exercise
Andrew S. - -
Awesome instruction for resetting my back
I can always count on Vytas!
Becky D. - -
Thanks Vytas! I can always count on you to provide a great workout in 30 minutes!
fab class
Helen G. - -
greetings from dublin Ireland- great class!