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Lauren J. - -
How do I find all the classes in Melanie's Core Series (for various levels) all in one place?
Elizabeth K. - -
I cam across 'the core series' and started it. Now I can't find where it lives. Please help. I was really enjoying it. :)
Samantha K. - -
From the menu choose “start a journey” then click on “core” You should see them there.
Back to Basics - loving it!
Elizabeth K. - -
Just started this core series and loving it. Simple, clear instruction to get back to basics. Thank you!
Simple but Good!
Mira C. - -
Very helpful, Thanks!
Great Go-to Core Sequence
Jessica J. - -
Really appreciate the arc of this class. Thanks!
Vay T. - -
I would love to have a goal to see how many hours does it take to get the stomach flatter?
Allegra A. - -
After years of giving up because ab exercises were too hard, Melanie has been the first person to actually teach how to do an ab exercise correctly! Her instruction about how to feel the exercise in the abdomen changed how I view ab exercises and now not only am I able to do them, but able to make progress. Melanie is truly a skilled teacher and my favorite one here on yogaworks so far!
Roshonda C. - -
that was awesome.
Core and confidence
Roberta S. - -
Love this effective core work, easy to modify and build confidence in my practice. Plan to make this a regular
Lucero G. - -
nice and easy. As a runner, I find it's a bit difficult to pace myself and focus on the deep breathing. I am loving it, so I'm sticking to it :)
Short and Effective
Donna A. - -
Enjoyed this and also felt it was effective. Thank you!
Day 3 Done!!
Catherine P. - -
Going to feel this tomorrow!!
Easy core moves
Michelle S. - -
Day 3 done. Simple practice. core movements were laying on mat, easy to follow and not to strenuous.
Easing in
Micky G. - -
Day 3 done. Really enjoying this! Slowing working up is much more motivating to this beginner. Thank you
Better with this one
Danielle B. - -
I struggled with the first two classes, but I seemed to be able to do the exercises today. Looking forward to day 4.
Day 3 Beyond Fear
Maggie S. - -
Thanks for a quick ab burning practice!
Oh yeah
Alexeyeva S. - -
Core Power, indeed! Whooo! Great class :) Thank you.
Jamie M. - -
Lovely quick beginner core work. :)
Day 3 of 14
Stacey H. - -
Feeling good, and really loving these simple practices.
Love this!
Brittany S. - -
This is one of my favorites so far. So short + simple, yet so effective. Love Melanie's instruction style!
Core & More!
Alexis A. - -
Many similar poses as in Vytas Baskauskas' 20 minute detox video. I did these two videos back-to-back and am loving the burn! Also, love these two instructors; they give instruction without over-talking throughout the practice(:
Jessica R. - -
I was not expecting to feel that burn. Amazing and short ab workout
Jennifer K. - -
This was a nice quick ab workout! I really hate abs so I appreciate something like this which is quick and doesnt make me feel like Im going to die. :-)