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Veronika B. - -
While I agree with the other commenters that this is a well rounded course, it is very slow paced & in corporates more sequences than other videos in this series. So if you looked at the length of the video & thought - "Great! 30 min of core!" This video isn't that. As another commenter noted, it's a good transition from Level 1 to Level 2 (I'd put it more on the Level 1 side), but maybe not what you'd expect as a day 7 of Level 2 transitioning to Level 3. Unless you want a rest day. It's good for that. Personally - I made it about 2/3 of the way through and opted to spend my last 10 min doing a more challenging core workout (one of the other videos from Level 2) as that's what I came here for today.
Diverse core work - great instruction
Guiseppe H. - -
David takes us through a variety of core work which include the obliques, upper & lower core. I found myself expanding my core, stretching it, and working it in different ways I hadn’t done before. Highly recommend for its well-roundedness and yes this is challenging enough to be a level 2 course.
Still not working
Kimberly E. - -
It’s been a week and none of the online classes will “load” for use. Seriously. Fix it
Guiseppe H. - -
Commenting on a single class with a support issue isn’t effective. You should contact them directly.
Very balanced sequence
Kera Z. - -
Very nice balance between core-strengthening and overall body stretch. David does a great job explaining each posture while encouraging small but meaningful modifications. Strong yet gentle workout.
Heather S. - -
This class is a great class for those transitioning from Level 1 to Level 2 or who want a reminder to do poses correctly. I got a good workout, but there was more set-up and explanation of how to do each pose than I have experienced in other Level 2 classes
Guiseppe H. - -
Agree 100%, good points in your review.
MacKenzie S. - -
Great mix of core and back strengtheners with a nice element of flow.
Love this!
Bernadette P. - -
Will definitely use this in class :)) Thank you!