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Most erudite yogamaster ever, not to mention funny
Rosalyn L. - -
David never disappoints. He uses humor to make me concentrate on relaxing and using poses and muscles wisely. Love his classes!!! Wish he had more here.
Great class
Jennifer B. - -
Thank you for the entertaining yet very effective class πŸ™πŸ»
Great class!
Fernanda D. - -
A killer abs class...very nice and left my core burning...great David!
Barbara L. - -
Loved it!
Malinda L. - -
This was great! Loved the class, the descriptions and reminders throughout each pose, especially the positivity towards intentions and body awareness. I will definitely take this one again.
Thank you
Stacey C. - -
I woke up this morning and knew that I needed a little David Lynch work and humor. Thank you for it all. Keep β€˜em coming please!
David, please make us more videos!
Jill M. - -
You are my favorite! Love your humor!
Thank You David.
Darra B. - -
Just what I needed whilst quarantined. Thank you so much.
Great David...
Fernanda D. - -
Great class, great core is burning! Thanks.
Great way to start the day!
LAILA E. - -
This class was great! Nice, challenging core workout sprinkled with humor to keep you going through the tough parts! Love the teacher's beautiful words about appreciating our bodies and all that they do for us. <3
love this class
Susie B. - -
What a great class, not only to focus on the core, but also such a great commentary. Love this and will do this often.
Annette R. - -
LOVE David's teaching cues and his sense of humor.This class is perfect workout to build core strength and definitely brings on the sweat! I would also like to note that he ends the class in such a calming, positive way. I feel complete, strong and happy. Thank you David! Namaste
No blocks required...
Lien I. - -
In case you're skipping this class because you don't have 2 blocks at your house: don't! You don't need them for a particular pose. Great and really fun class. Thanks!
Core & Humor
Emily V. - -
Great core workout and David's sense of humor left me feeling light and positive. Ready for the day!
Core, core, and more core
Lisa T. - -
Great way to work your core in 30 minutes. Comes with a great dose of humor.
Laughed so much!
Liz T. - -
Thank you for the joy - laughed so much that I did forearm plank without realising it!! Namaste David!
My Husband LOVES this ONE
Michelle A. - -
He's never taken to yoga until we did this one! David's ability to speak and explain perfectly "what to do" got us active for our day and really into our workout! Bravo David!!
Love This Class
Tina M. - -
I enjoyed it so much, the class went by so quickly! Great core workout.
Enjoyed the video big time
Dubai T. - -
I guess I've just found my favorite yoga teacher, David, you're awesome. Abs are happy:)
As much fun as David's live class.
Penny G. - -
Missed taking class with Mr L at the studio today. But happily found this one to be just as enjoyable!
Great personality
Katherine L. - -
i have never enjoyed a core workout so much. Very good - and very funny. Will seek out more classes from David.
Lesley L. - -
Loved David!
Colleen B. - -
This was an awesome core workout with great instruction! Thanks!
Ashley S. - -
My favorite practice so far!!!
So Fun!
Janice P. - -
Loved the instructor and the humor! Great core workout!
Maria R. - -
Oh my goodness are you so fun!
diana e. - -
I love this guy, my favorite !!
Creative and Intelligent
Svetlana A. - -
As always, David, your sequences sparkle with creativity and intelligence! In specifically, I appreciate the action of repetitions that help build confidence, awareness and stamina. Becoming a yoga instructor myself, I`ve been incorporating your style in my personal practice and teaching :) The Coremageddon video just made me miss attending your classes at YW.... Your unshaken confidence, impeccably delivery of instruction, and unique sense of humor are truly impressive!
Amanda K. - -
Love and gratitude, I love that core doesn't mean speed. I have always believed for my body slow is better than fast. I am more prone to injury when I move fast. Love that you emphasize taking it slow to build the deeper muscles. Also love that you started out the class with the intention of loving our bellies, because yes, so much insecurity revolves around that are of intuition and strength. It takes a brave person to feel confidence in the illusive intuition, and the physical asana awareness helps build that. Namaste!
Made me smile!
Melonee M. - -
I love when a class has an excellent instructor with a sense of humor. The class was well rounded with great core. Looking forward to more classes with David!
Andrea M. - -
I love this class! David makes it possible for me to get through the challenging parts with ease, I hardly realized I was working that much! Thanks, David! :-)
Great all around
Lolita L. - -
focus on core but works mind and body so effortlessly. love starting and ending with coming back to the breathe. I feel core stronger and ready for my day!
So Great!
Annette R. - -
Love this class. Great core work. Definitely built alot of heat...David, wonderful instructor! LOVE
Best class
Vanessa H. - -
Absolutely wonderful class. Thank you David. Hilarious Renaissance Fair comment - smiling throughout!
Love Your Humor!
Henny H. - -
David, great class! Love your sense of humor, I was laughing most of the time. You made it easy to go through the pose! :D
Laila A. - -
Love this class! Really good corework! Nice instructions.
Love the sense of humor
Keri S. - -
David, thank you for injecting some not so serious comedy into this practice. Sometimes these classes get WAY TOO SERIOUS. I was no joke giggling about the Renaissance Faire commentary - so good. The workout was doable, definitely level 2 with room for easy adjustments if you aren't ready. Keep up the good work!
30 mins flies by!
Shivani B. - -
Challenging yet fun class - love it David! As you rightly said, is fun to try new poses that look challenging but make you feel good later!
Fear Not!
chris f. - -
The end of the world as we know it is not happening! This class is rocks! David is amazing as he gently takes you through each core movement with humor and compassion. You won't be disappointed.
Great class!
Mark M. - -
Loved this class, great core work out.
Is this class appropriate for me?
Andrea M. - -
I have not yet taken this class for fear that I might not be able to complete it. I am in between beginning and full intermediate levels. I've been practicing for two years now. I really enjoy and appreciate Mr. Lynch's classes because of the clarity of his descriptions. Would there be enough explanation that perhaps I could incorporate this class in to my yoga practice? Thanks so much for your input.
David L. - -
Dear Andrea, I am thrilled you have been enjoying my online classes, thank you so much for taking the time to write such wonderful feedback! Coremaggedon is definitely suitable for an intermediate practitioner as there are plenty of modifications and options given throughout. Please remember to continue listening to your body, adjust as necessary and I am certain you will enjoy the class. Please do let me know if you have any further questions at all. Namaste Lynch