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thank you from my shoulders
Chris P. - -
such a beautiful gentle practice that really gets into the shoulders.
Daily vitamins
Kolatch A. - -
I also did TT with Jenny and 10 years later I can say she is by far the best instructor and teacher. Please offer more of her videos
Taking my daily vitamin!
Lindsey W. - -
I love seeing Jenny's videos on here ( and am hoping for more in the future!) I did my TT with Jenny and its so nice to hear her instruction in these poses again! xoxo
Very nice and short
Jessica R. - -
I haven't done a practice were I focus solely on my shoulders, but after today I realized that I need to focus on opening my shoulders a lot more. This was a nice introduction to shoulder openers. I will be doing more
Nice, we all need this
Melissa A. - -
Our shoulders hold so much tension if we're sitting in front of a computer or at a desk for eight hours a day. This is perfect to help with that. It would have been helpful to see the poses from the rear angle though.
Danielle H. - -
such an amazing tension release in my shoulders and neck!I am doing this daily!!
Derek M. - -
It's so great to see Jenny's videos here! Taking my vitamins!
Derek M. - -
It's so great to see Jenny's videos here! Taking my vitamins!
REALLY great
gillian d. - -
Felt so good, especially as I hold so much stress and tension in my shoulders. I will definitely do this class again, maybe even daily.