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Simply calming and amazing!
Yulice K. - -
This was my first trial class and I love how thorough she is and it is calming, yet it is a workout! Thank you!!
Thank you Michelle
Lissa B. - -
what a great class
Barbara L. - -
Another great class thank you michelle
Lovely Flow Class.
Sandra S. - -
I love Michelle’s teaching style.
Thank you!
Kathryn F. - -
I miss your class!! Glad I saw this today and I feel like I'm back home in CA! xoxo
Great short class
Brigitte M. - -
I very much enjoyed this class and got a lot of warmed and energy from it. Negative: the sound was not good and she often hard to hear....
Jamie D. - -
Very great flow, however, its very difficult to hear. I need to flow with music, and putting it on in the background, even on the lowest level, made it very difficult to hear the instructions.
Annette R. - -
Nice well rounded flow. Michelle voice is calming and her instruction clear and concise.
Lovely Guide
Alexis H. - -
Thank you to Michelle for guiding this lovely sequence. Very good instruction on placement combines with encouraging a growth mindset to make this an uplifting practice.
great sequence and hard to hear!
Emilee D. - -
Fabulous and well-rounded, this sequence is amazing! Hook up to speakers or headphones. #worthit
nice flow
Rachel C. - -
this is a nice flow to bring some power to your body if you don’t have much time to practice!
Nguyen N. - -
very nice and enjoyable video. Nice and easy instruction ^^
Thank You!
Sarah F. - -
This was a great morning flow and it went by so fast.
Heather D. - -
I can barely hear Michelle's voice with my speakers on high.
James L. - -
Me too. Great class but please have her volume louder next time. Thanks!
Kelly S. - -
Nice relaxing flow that was enjoyable, but definitely a level 1. Would recommend editing the video to increase the volume as it is way too quiet, as it makes it difficult to follow.
Masumi T. - -
I enjoyed this well-rounded class but seemed more like level 1
This was awesome!!
Allison J. - -
I am so excited to Michelle McKay teaching in the online forum!!! I love taking her classes in Costa Mesa and I've had difficulty taking yoga during that time slot, so being able to flow with her from my living room was awesome!! I highly recommend this class!
Dancing as in DANCING WARRIOR - Nice class!
Bethanie P. - -
I think a lot of people missed the meaning in the title - I enjoyed flowing through Dancing Warrior in this class - it was short, sweet and well-rounded. I do agree that it seemed to be targeted toward beginners, so probably more of a level 1. But I would definitely take this class again. Thanks, Michelle!
Agree with most of you
Susan H. - -
Voice too soft ... trouble hearing at highest level; nice, basic level 1 flow ... a few new variations I enjoyed but wouldn't call it dance. Would be a good warm-up for an additional class if time permitted. Good teaching skills with clear instructions. Thanks🙂
Very Energizing!
Laura S. - -
Just what I needed from a stressful work day...thank you! Namaste...
No dance, level 1
Floriane D. - -
This should be a level 1. There is no dance is this flow, which is just a few slow sun salutations, a twist and a bend. Only if you need to go back to basics. Instructor is nice, though.
April S. - -
Great flow, but there was zero dancing. I really was looking forward to that, finished the class with no time to find an actual dance flow....little disappointed.
Jody W. - -
Nice instruction. It was a quick flow to build heat and didn't stay in any position too long. Had I known there was a 3 minute meditation at the end, I might have done another practice since I didn't have much time. I chose to do more stretching during that time as I felt there wasn't much cool down.
Very warming
Ed M. - -
Liked the seated pre-pranayama warm up and cool down, great sequence.
This was a nice class but the voice was too soft. I had to constantly check the video to see what pose we were doing. The speakers were at their loudest. Other classes came out louder.
Very pretty
Rolando E. - -
Very pretty
Maggie S. - -
Michelle’s voice and demeaner were amazing - a pleasure to follow and so natural. Thank you!
Lovely Class, Lovely Techer
Jana B. - -
Great, short practice! Michelle is new to me and I thoroughly connected with her cues and sunny vibe! Thank you!
Short and sweet!
Aubrey T. - -
Perfect in a pinch sequence. Pause the class and do a couple more rounds of the warrior sequence to build more heat and then unpause for the cool down. Great for lunch break yoga!
Great practice - Excellent Teacher!
Nicole C. - -
Oohh! I think I found a new favorite Yoga Works teacher! I love her comments "even if you can' push up all the way, you're still a good person" - golden!
Nice flow
Susie B. - -
Good basic flow. Well-articulated. Nice use for 25 minutes!
Not sure about the dancing part
Julia P. - -
I think the title of this video is a little bit deceiving. It’s a basic vinyasa flow.
Not sure about the dancing part
Julia P. - -
I think the title of this video is a little bit deceiving. It’s a basic vinyasa flow.
Janelle H. - -
Love the flow, time centering, and Michelle’s smooth guiding voice through the poses.
My new Go-To!
Andrea S. - -
this is ideal for me: 1/2 level, moves swiftly. will look for more of Michelle!
Easily one of my favorites
Adam J. - -
Simple and quick this flow warms you up both mind and body. Great for first thing in the morning when time is short.
sherry t. - -
The instuctor has a nice way about her but this class is barely a level one.
Helen G. - -
videos not working
Elizabeth C. - -
Hi, none of the videos appear/play for me. What is wrong? :/
Liz G. - -
Hoping to see more videos from Michelle! Really enjoyed this class!
Awesome Flow
Kelli H. - -
Love the flow to this! Great start to the day and a way to loosen up and get the blood flowing!
Lori L. - -
Great practice! Thank you 🙏🏻
great short sequence
Patrizia M. - -
This is a great sequence, perfect for when one doesn't have a full hour or more. Michelle's instruction is very clear and direct and her energy has a lovely uplifting quality to it. Really enjoyed it!
Julie L. - -
Thanks, Michelle--this is a great sequence. It'll be my go-to study break practice!
Peace out yogis :)
Tiffany C. - -
Thank you for a simply elegant practice!!!
Gina B. - -
I enjoyed this class very much, perfect after sitting all day. Michelle's voice is so nice and calming.
Great start to the day
Georgie P. - -
Thanks Michelle for a perfect way to warm up and start the day- good variety and transitions into my favorite flow poses.
Laura O. - -
Great short yet well rounded sequence! Perfect for when you dont have a lot of time, but want to build some heat.
Laura O. - -
Great short yet well rounded sequence! Perfect for when you dont have a lot of time, but want to build some heat.