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Fernanda Desai - -
This is one of the hardest Yin yoga practice of David Kim here. But I have to say I love it and this is what I need to practice. Those hips asanas hold were very challenging...but I am improving day by day. Thanks a lot Kim for sharing your knowledge with us.
Great class
Peki Koven - -
Thank you very much David for this lovely class :) I had a nice ashtanga class yesterday and today this class was exactly what I needed.. I love the way you explain everything in detail..
Far too much talking
Kim MacLeod - -
I liked the poses in this class a lot but I was unable to relax or enjoy them properly because of all the talking. It seems any teacher that does yin or restorative classes is uncomfortable with silences and allowing the student to just enjoy the pose in silence. An explanation of what yin/restorative yoga is, is not needed in every single class, rather an overview on the website or a class explaining it would be more helpful, so the actual classes can be more relaxing.
Relaxing class
Kim MacLeod - -
I enjoyed this class as I haven't done yin yoga for a while, I have been doing more restorative so it was nice to do some stretching. The length of the class was nice and the explanations were good. It would have been nice to have a little bit less talking at certain points though. I will certainly try more classes from this teacher.
Uneven holds
Shawna Reeve - -
The instructor kept fiddling with or forgetting to set the timer on the first side. After a long talk to get you in the pose, he'd forget to set the timer immediately, resulting in an extra 30 seconds to a minute on the first side of the poses. I liked the sequence, but I found the lack of consistent hold really distracted, as I had to try and even the timing up myself.
Thank you for Yin, David!
Vicente Je - -
I love how this hour-long practice balanced a day that required my intense problem-solving attention to several issues at work. This practice allowed me to move inward, in a deeper way. Am new to yin (although I've been fortunate to have experienced a weekend retreat with you, David where you incorporated some yin practice, along with vinyasa) so this sequence helped me understand better how yin yoga contributes to a more wholistic practice.
More Yin, Please!!
Kitty Dalby - -
I love these classes! Any chance of leading longer classes with longer holds? Thank you :))
Moving meditation 06/06/2016
Svetlana Anthony - -
I just recently started practicing Yin style early in the mornings (for about 30-40 min). I call it "my moving meditation". At the end I feel actually alert and with a strong core! (believe or not). Just what I need to start my day with. I enjoyed this sequence and liked the idea of using a timer! Thank you.
Yin Lovers Unite :)
David Kim - -
Thank you all for these fantastic comments! For those of you new to Yin, thank you for being open-minded enough to try something different. I practiced Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow for many years, and discovered Yin as an excellent counterbalance to these willful, muscular practices. The balance of Yin & Yang depends upon the practitioner, and, as our practice matures, I believe we should re-calibrate every time we step on the mat :) The app I use is called "Insight Timer" and has an amazing variety of tones...perfect for meditation. For those of you who want to dive deeper, I'm leading a 50--Hour Yin TT from October 5-9, 2016 at YW Tarzana...xoxoDavid
Life Changing
Paige Harte - -
David, This Yin class is extraordinary. Please continue to share with us online! Truly an unbelievable practice. Thank you
Thank you!
Kristin Olson - -
I am just starting a yin practice thanks to your guidance after having a strong yang practice for years. I am loving the slower, more thoughtful pace of yin. Do you still have a yang practice and if so what percentage of the time are you practicing yin versus yang?
What App do you use
Jennifer Coxhead - -
I really like your app, the sound is perfect - what is the name of it so I can find it in the App store.
Sarah TN - -
I'm on Day 11 of the YW Summer Ready Challenge, feeling a little depleted so I chose to use myyogaworks instead of going to class..This was Perfect! A nice deep Yin challenge; I'm so open & relaxed now. Thank you!
Falling over the Yin cliff in the best possible way...
Bethanie Pitsky - -
David, thank you for a great Yin practice! I am truly in love with Yin and enjoy different perspectives on this beautiful, healing practice. My favorite of this sequence was Dragonfly with Side Bend - something I had not tried before. I also loved some of your descriptions of what happens when Yin begins to open the body - like falling over that Yin cliff. Fairly accurate, and such an amazing release. Thank you for sharing, I hope to see more like this from you in the future.
Lou Perseghin - -
David, I love this class so much. I find myself here on weekends when I want to slow down but still practice. Please do another long yin-specific class.
Very calming
Jessica Raymer - -
I had a rather physical day today was really feeling burn out. This was my first long ying practice, and even though my mind wondered a bit I still felt the deep stretches and overall calmness. Really wanted I needed to wind down my night. Thank you David =D
Kelly Park - -
Very beneficial and yet challanging poses. Enjoyed the deep stretching and deep mental quietness. The consistent guidance was good for me as I am new to yin, but definitely could be cut back a bit to enjoy the meditation.
Richelle Camara - -
I love this flow, its super relaxing. I would like to see more yin here, maybe a bit more advanced with less talking. Thank you David! Love your teaching =-)
Super-calming deep stretch
Anne Kernion - -
Really great Yin practice. Just what I needed after a long week of pushing through workouts! Thanks you for your gentle guidance, David!
Going deeper
Matilda Viedgård - -
I loved this, but would have loved it even more if there was less talking! Is there or will there be another deep yin videon with less talk so that one can really get that deep relaxation?
Karen Berman - -
I am new to MyYogaWorks. I find navigating the site to find the right video a bit challenging. I am so happy I found this. I just loved and needed this practice. I feel so open and restored. Thank you.
Carol Ann - -
This class was very challenging to my comfort level coming from a predominately vinyasa based practice. I will have to give it a few more tries to really sink into it. I think it will be physically and emotionally beneficial with more practice. Thank you!
Jenn Dacar - -
thank you!! namaste!
Deep Space Yin
Caramia Tambornino - -
I truly appreciate how genuine, intelligent and articulate you are in all the YW videos. Thank you for sharing your yin practice.
Ghazaleh Radaza - -
I had been avoiding yin classes due to a bad experience with a previous instructor, but Im glad I decided to try this class. It was very relaxing to my body and mind. Good for a night practice when you have low energy. The teacher gives good direction in a calm and relaxed manner.
Dorothy Weiss - -
I have never done or heard of yin yoga, but it is so what my body needed/s after the rigors I put it through with work, runnning, yoga, and day to day operations. This class was so full of rs: refreshing, reshaping, reshifting, regrounging, and restorative. I totally echo your sentiments that we can benefit from balancing prana and irrigating chi with yin yoga. The class actually helped me sit in a deeper and more comfortable crossed-legged seated pose while typing this comment on my iPad, for from running I have tight hips & legs and such a pose is tough to assume and sustain. I will definitely be incorporating yin into my practice. Thank you so much :)