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Emily S. - -
One of my absolute new faves!! As someone that has dealt with chronic low back stuff, this provided much RELIEF <3
Michelle W. - -
Whew, does this help! I cope with SI joint paint and this practice helps me isolate the specific points in my hips/sacrum/upper legs that are tight and helps to release them. I usually need the 20 minutes of the restorative posture and use a strap around my thighs to help me release into the pose (I also listen to a 20-minute guided meditation). Looking forward to noticing how this affects my psoas over time.
Good gentle practice
Mimi E. - -
I enjoyed the poses and movements in this class. I especially liked the cat/cow flow, which reminded me of my days of studying the Dunham technique in modern dance class.
Kristin R. - -
I did the psoas test at the beginning and at the end of the practice and there was a significant difference in the arch in my back at the end of my practice. Amazing!
Jennifer J. - -
This was a lovely routine, but it definitely felt more like a Level One-Restorative class. No strength based movements and I don't know that I'd label it "well-rounded." In any case good for when you need some psoas TLC or just a gentle and restorative routine.
Monica S. - -
Wow I suffer from a lot of back pain and discomfort and this made me feel amazing. Definitely going to try and make this a nightly routine before bed or as I wake up
Christine R. - -
Great for stretching and strengthening the psoas.