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Marianne K. - -
Love this! Feels great.
Felt so good!
Heather W. - -
Thank you so much! I did this class after snowshoeing, and it felt amazing. I love the little tweaks (like turning the pinky toe) that deepen the stretches. Really lovely.
Fun and Creative!
Bethanie P. - -
Thanks for a great class, Calvin! Love your creative sequencing and this was just what I needed this morning. I will definitely take this class again.
Body Awareness
Alicia G. - -
Calvin has clearly spent a great deal of time honing his awareness of how the body moves into poses. His directions helped me to be more aware and understanding of where the asana can be felt in my body, which also helped me to find a meditative relationship with the stretches and poses. I really enjoyed this class and feel like I have cultivated an increased acceptance of how my body moves.
GREAT way to wake up!!!
Jessica R. - -
First time I took this class I wasn't really open to it so I did not enjoy it. After taking some of Calvin's other classes I returned to this one with more of an open mind and I really enjoy it. My hamstrings are really tight in the morning and Calvin's little tips like pulling the pinky toe towards me and having the strap around the ball of my foot really made a difference. This will be my go to morning hamstring practice =D
Great class for runners
Roze H. - -
This practice helped me to get into the IT band and, of course, open up the legs. Thank you!
Jessica R. - -
I learned some good stretches, but I prefer my practice to have more of a flow to it.
miriam R. - -
Really nice simple, calm, instruction thats easy to follow when you're not always looking at the screen! really enjoyed this.
Evangelia F. - -
Great variations
lieb c. - -
Great cues and explanations.
Loryann F. - -
Been really enjoying your unique flows and instruction. Great teaching style! I find myself searching for your classes! Thank you! Keep them coming!
Thank You!
Molly H. - -
Excellent detailed instruction!
Great instruction
Katie M. - -
Really enjoyed the verbal instruction and cuing from Calvin. An excellent class with great variation on some classic asanas.
Alison P. - -