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Excellent class
Tatiana C. - -
Great sequencing and instruction. I appreciate Vytas' clear and direct approach.
My GoTo Daily: Excellent Series
William S. - -
A Holistic 3 part series. I especially love doing this in the morning and evening to energize and then there's a feeling of calm after. Super convenient workout also when traveling and easily doable in a hotel room or the garden in a hotel. I grab 2 hotel towels, my BT, my laptop and done. Thanks for the well thought out series.
Debatri C. - -
For a busy schedule, this is awesome!
familiarity and invention
Leanne J. - -
I'm always suprised and delighted by the variation in traditional poses. feels fresh yet familiar
excellent 20 min practice
Bridget T. - -
Vytas is great and he squeezes a well-rounded practice in this quick class
Quick and Heat Building
Sarah F. - -
I LOVE this series of classes. It's the perfect way to start the day when I don't have time for a long practice.
perfect for busy holiday morning
Elizabeth B. - -
LOVE these short bursts from Vytas! They are the perfect way to get some yoga in before yet another crazy day in the holiday season begins. Now I feel ready to take on all the tasks I need to do before Christmas with three little ones gets here!
Excellent Workout!
Yvonne H. - -
This is the perfect twenty minute workout.
Keep this series going!
Catherine R. - -
Really enjoying this perfect length yoga practice!
Fantastic way to start the work day!
Miranda B. - -
I really like Vytas' straight forward approach. Great sequencing. 20-minutes is like a shot of caffeine in the morning...but more grounding.
Jody W. - -
Great, short practice when you don't have much time.
Patrice C. - -
Wonderful, quick activating practice! Perfect right before work. I feel awake and energized!
Jihye K. - -
I was on 2week trial but this class convinced me to sign up for membership. I just love Vytas classes!!! Way better than yogaglo.
Lisa C. - -
Excellent quick practice to build strength and improve flexibility. Thank you!
Feels SO Good!
Beth B. - -
Perfect combination of strength and stretch! Thank you!
Claire S. - -
Great short class. Got through lots of core strength and some hip opening. Love it
Michelle W. - -
This is fantastic! I travel for work and my days start at 7 am and end at 9 or 10 pm. This is a great way to start or end my day!
Great short practice!
Laurene A. - -
What a nice way to start a hectic day! I will do this one again!
Don't have a lot of time
Desiree S. - -
Perfect, I needed some short new videos for my weekday morning yoga/contemplation
Love this class
Joy P. - -
It's quick and a great workout. I can't wait to do it again.
Just Awesome!!!
The best 20 minutes I spent today :)
Best pound-for-pound
Bradley B. - -
Great short class: challenging without being drawn out. Very nice.
Great start to the day
Vanessa H. - -
Perfect class. Thanks!
great 20 min class
Bridget T. - -
vytas knows what he's doing and he packs a lot in for such a short class.
Love this 20 minute session too
Lynn C. - -
Both of Vytas' 20 minute sessions are fantastic. Perfect blend of strength and flexibility