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So helpful for release from stress
Alice Y. - -
Thank you for this fantastic practice! It was very gentle, but it still felt like I released some tension and stress. The teacher provided excellent and clear instruction and she did it in a calming and gentle way. Thank you!!
Christy W. - -
Loved this practice. Perfect pace and poses to have my baby on the mat with me.
nice slow flow
Bridget T. - -
great slow practice for anytime of day. Melanie has a calming and grounding presence with good cues for the poses
Lyndsey H. - -
Great after strenuous dat picking grapes!
Elizabeth G. - -
Excellent first thing in the morning. Gentle yet effective.
good cool down after workout
Bink I. - -
after doing HIIT/tabata, this flow is gentle and calming
Best way to start the day!
Betsy B. - -
This workout is my favorite! It's the perfect way to start the day! Love it!
Perfect way to warm up the body
Terri H. - -
Quite a few of the longer classes don't provide you with a lot of time to gently open different areas of the body (my hamstrings and hip flexors need a lot of love). This practice is solid on its own, but I really like to use it to it prepare for a longer class.
Good, quick reintroduction
Julia C. - -
I've been recovering from an injury and needed something gentle and well-rounded to ease back into my practice. With Melanie leading, this class fit the bill well. Starts out with slow sun salutations then moves into chair, warrior II, extended side angle pose, low lunge, slow core work to get you to the floor, then reclining pigeon. Despite the slower pace, don't be fooled; Melanie packs a lot into 23 minutes! Generated slight amount of heat about 15 minutes in with the warrior sequence.Would have liked more neck/shoulder stretches, but overall I feel good -- especially my spine and hips.
Kristen K. - -
Everything about this class was perfect: the pace, the poses, the flow, the cues...just what I needed.
Great Pace to Recharge
Mayeli A. - -
This was a great pace for someone like me who is returning to yoga practice after a 3-month break (and long weekend out of town). Melanie's voice is very calming and the end of my practice felt like a short meditation. Just what I needed before starting my work week!
Perfect for an injury
Jody W. - -
I normally do level 2 class, but have a lower back injury. This was perfect for stretching my hips and back moving at a slower pace.
very nice, gentle practice
Dina F. - -
enjoyed this first thing in the morning. just the right amount of movement, stretch and focus. short but worthwhile!
Calming flow
Jessica R. - -
Mia is such a calming presence.... after some grueling circuit training this was a nice and easy flow to clam down to and to get a nice stretch in my hammies
My favorite level 1 so far!
Rosanna G. - -
That was great for stretching and relaxing!
Lauren M. - -
I think this is a wonderful class for that time of day around dusk, when you are shifting your rhythm from day to evening.
Great beginnings
Lisa F. - -
This was a great start to what I know will be a busy day. The verbal cues were excellent--I was able to practice from my phone without looking. Thank you!
Lau M. - -
Day 5 of 14: Thank you I'm here!
Nice class
Tracy K. - -
Melanie is a great instructor. Class stretched out some ares that really needed it. Thank you.
Lovely Quick Class
Katie K. - -
This is another lovely class by Melanie. Though fairly short, your body is still worked from head to toe. If you don't have a lot of time, this is a great one to try!
Nice Class
Kaitlin C. - -
A good fairly quick practice, would definitely recommend for beginners, she really walks through the poses. Melanie is a great instructor.
Begin or End Your Day
Leslie B. - -
Melanie is one of my favorite instructors. This class is great for releasing tension at the end of a work day, or opening up your joints at the beginning of the day.
Balanced Work Out
Marilyn D. - -
Melanie's videos are always my favorites. This had some tough poses and some relaxing ones. I felt it was a good mix in a short time.