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My New Favorite!
Denise Kesselring - -
I did this mid-morning when I was rather stressed and it was perfect! A balanced, rejuvenating class that perked me up and gave me a lift that will carry me through the rest of the day. Namaste! :-)
Great midday practice for me
Dina Finta - -
Nice instruction and felt great for a midday energy boost. Very well balanced and felt great!
Body feels much better
Julia Parker - -
After a 15 hour flight to Australia and a very achy body, this was exactly what I needed. It was really hard to move at the beginning of the class but by the end I was moving easily. Thank you!
One of my favorites
Jody Wolfe - -
This was one of my favorite practices and teacher on the site. Great instruction. Definitely woke me up without being too strenuous. I liked how we did a lot of planks, but not chaturangas in the class.
No twists -- but easy to add in
Heather Schwitalla - -
I usually do Level 3 classes, but I am recovering from a cold and wasn't sure I was ready for the intensity. This class still managed to make me break a sweat without overdoing it! Also, there are no twists and few heart openers, which I definitely need in the morning. I added a few upward dogs when she instructed to go straight to downward dog. I added twists in to chair pose (she has you do three chairs in a row in a few different places), as well as twisted my knee to my opposite arm instead of knee to nose. Finally, I did a twist when she was moving into savasana -- it's long enough that I didn't feel like I was going to miss savasana altogether, either. With these modifications, the class was pretty much perfect!
Excellent need strap blocks
Lyndsey Harrison - -
Thanks Erin, have been looking for one of your classes a little shorter for traveling Lyndsey harrison
Ashley Farley - -
what a perfectly balanced invigorating practice. I think it's good for anytime! the instructions were clear and helped me remain mindful in my practice.
So Nice
Debbie Flagler - -
Great beginning to a morning. Fantastic guidance.
wonderful instruction and sequence
Kera Zacuto - -
What a lovely way to start the day. Instruction was ideal in helping me set the foundation and stay present in the poses. Love the attention to breath throughout the sequence. Will be doing this once again!
Lindsey Leist - -
This class was great, however the constant talking was too much for a morning yoga class, or any yoga class for my taste
A morning workout for thoughtful people. Erin's voice is wonderful. The students moved gracefully. As for the amount of talking others noted, I never found it tiresome. There are clear, direct cues and anatomical setups noted so I felt like she was really intelligently guiding my body to its best postures.
Brittany Goode - -
The constant talking is a little much. I've never heard a yoga teacher talk so much. If that doesn't bother you it's a great class. Too much talking for me first thing in the morning,
Love your class in the AM!
Stephanie T Sprague - -
Erin, I think you have an amazing teacher voice and I enjoy spending my practice with a yoga teacher that has a unique style like yours.
Megan Perry - -
Nice routine! Allowed me to slowly awaken and ushered me off to a relaxed start to my day .
no sun salutations!
Sonia Grgas - -
Great class especially because of the lack of sun salutations which are quite tiresome. Thanks!
Great morning class
Colleen Vergari - -
I really enjoyed this class first thing in the morning. Erin has a great teaching style and I look forward to taking more of her classes!
lee ann - -
I stopped halfway through also because of the talking. She talks waaaay too much for a level 2 class, and she does get really loud in parts...not really energizing for an early morning class actually. Just distracting and annoying. :/
Jessica Barg - -
Perfect for an early AM flow! I feel light and energized afterwards, and ready to take on the day!
Sweet Class!
Wonderful class and instruction. Thank you Erin, Dear!!! Just did this outside in the beautiful morning sunshine! This class was a sweet way to start the day. Headed for the beach now! <3<3<3 Teen
E Keena - -
Liked the flow however if it's a level 2 class less direction she spoke almost the whole time and got very loud at some points. Even during the breathing exercise. But that's my opinion I find that much direction counterproductive at this level
felling wonderful
althea beckford - -
just felling great love doing youga
Lexa Cary - -
What a lovely way to start the day! I am energized and ready to start my day. Thank you, Erin!!
good & basic!
Anouschka Wardy - -
Perfect for after walking the dog on a day when you have less time for a full class. Thanks
perfect way to start the day
Jesi Mifsud - -
couldn't sleep. instead of reading or turning on the tv i decided to do erin's video (which i've been wanting to do since i found out she was on myyogaworks). perfect way to start the day. thank you, erin!
Abigail Nagorski - -
This was exactly what I needed! I was tired, stiff and a little grumpy. Now I feel invigorated, released and full of light and happiness! THANK YOU!!!
Early AM Flow
Donna Byrnes - -
I enjoyed this class and instructor. The poses flowed nicely and relaxed my back neck and shoulders. Thank you Erin. Donna Byrnes 5-30-15
Terry Baker - -
This was a much needed, mid-afternoon treat. Short and sweet! Feeling energized and focused!
Janelle Cookston - -
This class is an absolutely perfect way to begin your work day! Love it! Focused, grounding, clear. Thanks Erin!