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Welcome home post-roadtrip!
Jennifer T. - -
I just returned to my home in NY after a tiring six-hour drive. Although I usually take a level 2 or 3 class, this evening I'm exhausted and needed a gentler practice. This level 1 was just right. Mia Togo has become one of my favorite instructors during Covid-19 social-distancing. She combines excellent instruction with positive messages. I hope that someday I'll be able to take one of her classes in person. In the meantime, her lessons inspire me to continue practicing on my mat daily for a healthier body and mind.
New member here!
Mary H. - -
Not new to a yoga practice, just this site and this was my first class. I absolutely loved it and am so delighted about joining! Mia is a wonderful instructor. Really enjoyed this class.
Great gentle flow
Karen W. - -
This flow was perfect for my very stiff body today. I've practiced for 20 years, and as I get older my body doesn't recover as quickly from other activities. I had gone on a long bike ride and several long walks this past week with no yoga. This practice helped move and open my body without over doing. Mia your alignment cues are great! Thank you!
Elise K. - -
totally agree! My whole stiff body applauds this gentle flow!
Nice Yoga practice
Karen T. - -
Nice way to start my day- Mia you have a great voice and cues are easy to follow. Thank you!
Wonderful class
Liz A. - -
I needed something that wasn't too strenuous and this was perfect. Her instruction is so helpful and her voice is calming. I'm an experienced practitioner but Mia's classes at any level are amazing. If you need something not too hard but still interesting, try this class.
Kay S. - -
A slower class with great alignment pointers.
so good!
Manda B. - -
such precise, subtle instruction, and calming voice. will seek out more of her classes!
Kika A. - -
Really needed this practice today. I have some pain on my wrists so this chaturanga-free class felt really good on my body. I'm an advanced practitioner, so before the twists in the end I added a couple of headstands to be honest, but I really loved it. Mia Togo is one of my favorite teachers, love her cues and sequences. Thank you!
Massie M. - -
very beautifully done. Your instructions are amazing. Thank you so much!!!
Really nice practice
Dina F. - -
To help refine how you should be feeling in the basic poses. Great reminders with very helpful instructor input. I will plan to revisit!
need blocks
Kim D. - -
I wasn't prepared and had to stop because we need 2 blocks and that isn't mentioned in the outline.....
Loved this class,
Frances G. - -
Great way to ease back into yoga. I love the comments along the way. Left me feeling relaxed and at the same time energized.
Perfect way to be kind to yourself
Terri H. - -
Love this class, love this teacher, love the alignment cues. A needed reminder that yoga is not a competition, it's a way to explore ourselves.
Perfect Start for my day
Christina B. - -
As a rank beginner, this was perfect for me. Great instruction. Nice balance of effort and ease. I feel both "worked" and relaxed at the end of practice.
A little more space please
Nancy W. - -
Very nice sequencing but it would be nice if the teacher allowed for some quiet space in the practice, she never stops chatting and commenting which becomes exhausting to listen to, especially for a morning practice.
Good Morning!
Nan L. - -
Nice way for me to begin the day with a stretch,strengthen and set intention to be good to myself today. Thank you.
Great gentle flow
DeLisa E. - -
Loved this class! Perfect for a wind down to a rough day or just to start out on a good note !
Rachel I. - -
Woke up with some back pain and this was a perfect class to stretch and move carefully.
Great class!
Jessica S. - -
Just getting back in to my practice and a welcome reminder for on and off the mat!
blank screen
Zahra J. - -
the easy flow class is a black screen not working
Needed to hear
Elizabeth H. - -
Great class, loved the teachers gentle kind voice
Needed to hear
Elizabeth H. - -
Great class, loved the teachers gentle kind voice
black screen no video pls help
Westlake V. - -
need this site pls screen / videos will not run ...clicked arrow...i have a mac...can someone pls help
An Important Reminder
Kiera W. - -
I've been needing to hear many of these messages. I did this class while taking a mental health day from work and working on making my practice strong and building internal strength. A great class for all.
Laurie W. - -
Bringing all of yoga to the mat. thank you.
Teresa C. - -
Awesome easy flow! I loved it! Great for someone getting back into yoga or a beginner.
Kristee S. - -
I haven't practiced yoga in years and this was the perfect class to get me back into it. Not too difficult, but I could definitely "feel the burn" at some points. My body feels great though and I can't wait for the next class I take!
Nice :)
Jessica R. - -
I have not practiced yoga in a hot minuet. This was a nice and warming class to get back into things... I've always loved how Mia teaches her classes. It felt good getting back on my mat again.
Karen P. - -
What a great basic all around class. I really really love it. I always learn something when I take a class with you.
Paulette O. - -
I love how gentle this class is for my body, yet it offers strength building opportunity.
Cathy R. - -
Thank you for this class - your clear instructions let me discover where strength comes from in the flow sequence . I especially appreciate the attention to heat and strength without pushups (that I am not ready for. )
Samantha H. - -
Perfect start to the week. Namaste.
great instruction
Madeline M. - -
Love Mia's detailed but easygoing teaching style.
love this flow!
brenda l. - -
This has been the perfect amount of practice for me while on family vacation. Enough time to feel some heat, but not too long so I can squeeze it in after a long day with family!