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Nice, but not a level 3
Michelle F. - -
This was a very well rounded practice, but not challenging enough to be labeled a level 3. Especially if you are used to Vytas's and Jesse Schein's level 3.
Jeanne M. - -
I am full of gratitude for this wonderfully sequenced and illuminating practice
Nice flow
Lisa D. - -
Nice flow. Some headstands, but alternatives given.
All around...
Ryan O. - - (edited)
...amazing class. Perfectly succinct, gets the job done efficiently- equal parts physical and mental.
Lovely well-rounded class
Holly M. - -
A solid level 2 flow, with some unexpected shoulder openers. I felt great after!
Thank you for Savasana pose!
Jordan P. - -
Great practice. I appreciate that she leads you through the whole Savasana (quietly, not talking you through it) rather than ending class and leaving it to you to finish the pose on your own. It's such an important element of the practice!
Super Strong W/ Sarah!
NICKY S. - -
I enjoy Sarah's workouts -- they're informative, strong, and balanced. She has a great approach to teaching & mindfulness, too, being aware that there's all levels of strength so that you can adjust your own practice and challenge yourself more or ease off a bit. I miss taking her classes in person!
Simple with good cues
Madeleine O. - -
This sequence is very simple and the cues are great. I built a bit of heat and I liked all the outer hip opening at the end. Personally, I enjoy a sequence where postures are linked a bit more, instead of "step to the middle, warrior II right foot, ok now switch warrior II left foot," which is what this class is like. Teacher was clear and nice, but still looking for a class with a bit more flow and movement.
My new favorite
Sarah S. - -
Exactly the strong practice I need when I don’t have time to go to class.
One of My Favorite Classes EVER Thus Far
Carla I. - -
Thank you so much for that class Sarah! It was pleasantly surprising - creative and challenging, but just enough to keep feeling strong. I loved the alignment & action reminders, but especially loved the deeper theme of your class - no matter how overwhelming the situation is, I am stronger. Loved this so much and am looking forward to taking your other classes. NAMASTE.
Danielle S. - -
Wonderful class. It's a level 3 in what it offers - tripod headstand, an arm balance, Urdhva Dhanurasana, etc. It's a level 3, mindfully done. Also accessible for people not wanting to do those poses. A really nice, intelligent class.
Not level 3
Sara M. - -
Enjoyable practice, although most definitely not a level 3. For that reason it was a bit disappointing.
Rachel B. - -
I really enjoyed doing this practice on new years day! It was challenging and empowering. I think the headstands make it a level 3. Not too much instruction- just enough! Thanks.
not really level 3
lisa s. - -
nice class but a bit too much guidance for a level 3 class.
Too much instruction
Jennifer H. - -
Too much instruction for level 3...
Janet M. - -
Great under 45-minute routine! I want to work on my upper thigh muscle strength and I found this just right, challenging me and pushing me without torturing me. The routine also included a couple of variations of headstands, which will be a lot of fun to work on as I repeat this video. The routine also included a nice cool down with some time in shavasana. A great combination of a moderately-lenghted workout (for when I don't have time for something longer) that was challenging (leg muscles), fun (head stands), and relaxing at the end.
Vanessa M. - -
I just loved this class , your clear instruction, fun approach , weaving in the philosophy , for this was the full package . Challenging , fun, uplifting. I seriously feel amazing and " I am strong " . I'm looking forward to more sessions with you , keep sharing your passion x From my heart space to yours........thank you
Carla I. - -
I totally agree! The complete package. <3
Susan J. - -
Sarah's an exceptionally articulate and thoughtful instructor. I've been gravitating more and more to her practices.