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My new favorite
Sarah Samaan - -
Exactly the strong practice I need when I don’t have time to go to class.
One of My Favorite Classes EVER Thus Far
Carla Isabel Paredes - -
Thank you so much for that class Sarah! It was pleasantly surprising - creative and challenging, but just enough to keep feeling strong. I loved the alignment & action reminders, but especially loved the deeper theme of your class - no matter how overwhelming the situation is, I am stronger. Loved this so much and am looking forward to taking your other classes. NAMASTE.
Danielle Smith - -
Wonderful class. It's a level 3 in what it offers - tripod headstand, an arm balance, Urdhva Dhanurasana, etc. It's a level 3, mindfully done. Also accessible for people not wanting to do those poses. A really nice, intelligent class.
Not level 3
Sara Mulholland - -
Enjoyable practice, although most definitely not a level 3. For that reason it was a bit disappointing.
Rachel Boggia - -
I really enjoyed doing this practice on new years day! It was challenging and empowering. I think the headstands make it a level 3. Not too much instruction- just enough! Thanks.
not really level 3
lisa steiner - -
nice class but a bit too much guidance for a level 3 class.
Too much instruction
Jennifer Hankins - -
Too much instruction for level 3...
Janet Morris - -
Great under 45-minute routine! I want to work on my upper thigh muscle strength and I found this just right, challenging me and pushing me without torturing me. The routine also included a couple of variations of headstands, which will be a lot of fun to work on as I repeat this video. The routine also included a nice cool down with some time in shavasana. A great combination of a moderately-lenghted workout (for when I don't have time for something longer) that was challenging (leg muscles), fun (head stands), and relaxing at the end.
Vanessa Morton - -
I just loved this class , your clear instruction, fun approach , weaving in the philosophy , for this was the full package . Challenging , fun, uplifting. I seriously feel amazing and " I am strong " . I'm looking forward to more sessions with you , keep sharing your passion x From my heart space to yours........thank you
Carla Isabel Paredes - -
I totally agree! The complete package. <3
Susan Johnson - -
Sarah's an exceptionally articulate and thoughtful instructor. I've been gravitating more and more to her practices.