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A level 2 towards approaching level 3
Donna M. - - (edited)
I would definitely classify this as a FLOW WORK-OUT. Vytas does a great job of providing instructions and getting your heart rate up fast. This class is like a level ~2.75 due to the challenge from resistance generating combinations as well as some advances poses. It also moves faster as well. If you are a beginner to level 2s, I would not recommend this for you. If you are a comfortable level 2/3 and are looking for work-out plus flow together, this is for you.
Short but sweet
Layna C. - -
Love this class! Nicely paced and not too strong just perfect for a level two flow
too fast
Laurent E. - -
no time to breathe, sink in. not yoga---exercise.
Great challenging level 2 class
Simon H. - -
At the upper end of a Level 2. Really enjoyed it
Felt Strong
Jessica E. - -
Great sequence, energizing enough! Will definitely add to my list.
Valerie W. - -
Loved the direct teaching style and direction. I’ve done this class a few times and liked it every time.
Cassie D. - -
Vytas teaches the perfect mix of shake-inducing upper, lower and core strength poses with twists and total body stretches. Great mid-week flow workout to feel the burn!
Taz B. - -
I love vytas' teaching style. Strong simple and not over instructed. Awesome class
love this
Andrea L. - -
I was feeling sluggish...this made an amazing difference! thanks!
Amy G. - -
Great well rounded flow! I feel it is definitely a solid level 2 class. I feel energized and balanced but not over worked. Thank you again Vytas!
Favorite Vytas class ever
Heather S. - -
This class was everything I wanted today: real cardio, shoulder stretches, hip stretches, and twists. A truly well-rounded class. Yum!
Sydney M. - -
I usually seek out Level 3 classes on YogaWorks, but this is one of my go-tos for working up a sweat. More of a Vinyasa-flow style than Vytas' other classes and more chatarungas, which I loved. He mixes in some good core moves throughout class too.
definitely a fan
Janel S. - -
I really like Vytas' style and his quick to the point classes. He's totally no nonsense and wants his students to get the most of the yoga practice. I utilized my complementary YogaWorks subscription to the max and subsequently renewed because I like this guy's classes and I want to take more.
energizer Flow
Wendy G. - -
OMG This was a a well paced class. It was too difficult for me. I have been sick and out of practice. I will do a different lower level class tomorrow! BUT, I won't give up!
Tina M. - -
I love Vyta’s classes as he gives really great instruction and pushes you to the edge. This class has a fantastic flow with advanced poses. Love.
Cindy M. - -
I feel awesome after finishing it, but at the same time I feel like I had to take a lot of breaks just because it was really challenging. I feel this is a level 3, not because of the postures but because is challenging.
Pretty Advanced...
Terra L. - -
I've been doing yoga for a while now and I'm very familiar with the poses and levels. I think this class is great. It's incredibly challenging from start to finish. My only suggestion is to move this to a level 3. I thought it was going to be a moderately difficult class and I was dying, which is a good thing, but I was really sore and trying to recover from a challenging class I took yesterday and this was even harder! That's all! Namaste
great well-rounded class
Sharon S. - -
I love Vytas's classes and this was no exception. Great instruction/tips, he gave corrections as I needed them (his timing was spot on lol) This class was a good challenge and really did leave me feeling energized. I'll definitely be coming back to this one!
Great instruction!
jessie b. - -
A challenging and sweaty class with amazing instruction! His corrections are so spot on every time, I felt like he was actually in my home teaching this class.
So energizing!
randi h. - -
That class rocked Vytas! Just when i thought I couldn't motivate for the day, this changed everything. Great attention to detail, fun sequence and great challenge! thanks!
Unique Sequence
kelly h. - -
I really enjoyed this class! It was refreshingly unpredictable and a good sweat!! :)
Love it!
Mary B. - -
Great class, great instruction!
First class here!
Donna C. - -
Wow! Great workout. While I couldn't quite keep up with each vinyasa as the class progressed, I did what I could. The verbal instruction was really good, so i didn't need to look at the screen much at all Helped me stay in the moment. The person who said there wasn't much flow and it was a slow morning level 2 stretch....good for you. I hope to get to your level where this class is that easy for me! :) Thanks Vytas!
Jessica F. - -
Not a level 2 A three definitely
Ashley O. - -
holy core in the beginning ! but i loved this class.... another great one Vytas! <3
Maria R. - -
Really good flow and excellent instructions! I had back pain going into this and warmed up enough to stretch all the toughness and soreness away!!!
Old faithful
Alicia A. - -
I have been a member on here for some time and always return to this one. Vytas is wonderful.
Megan P. - -
There wasn't much flow here. This is more of a slow morning level 2 stretch.
Great all around
Lindsey R. - -
We touched on all parts of the body without the speed of a level 3 flow..perfect class for light days when you don't want Vytas to to kick your A#$!
Celeste A. - -
I've taken so many classes on here and this is one of the very few that has made my "go to" list. Perfect variety of poses, warmed up my body and left me feeling relaxed at the same time. Thank you, Vytas!
Really Great!
Hope T. - -
I always feel like I'm improving during Vytas' classes. This one in particular is great!
Great flow class!
James Z. - -
Really a great one for a quick energy boost.
ahhh... so good!
alexis s. - -
It's such a burn the whole time, but I always feel so good and refreshed at the end! I always come back to this one.
Loved it!
Aimee S. - -
this was wonderful! Challenging, yet comfortable. I love Vytas classes!
Loreto C. - -
very good class!!!! i really enjoyed!
Challenging level 2
rebecca w. - -
I usually do level 3, and this was right up there with all the vinyasa's, eagle, crow and handstand prep...... and as always, a strong ab section to start ;)
Linda G. - -
This one really got my core. Love this class. Definitely broke a sweat, was challenged, and very happy. thank you!
love it! challenging!
Androulla H. - -
this was great! broke a sweat and i can tell I'm getting stronger! I could actually hold bakasana! thanks vytas!
Kelly P. - -
This class is very well rounded! You will sweat but you will feel yourself getting stronger throughout! At the end, it's bliss!
Jennifer H. - -
Excellent instruction and consistent reminders throughout to pay attention to our form. I was really hesitant about taking yoga classes in this format, however this video just made me a convert. Thank you Vytas!
Rebecca R. - -
This was a really great sequence! I felt like I got a little cardio in at some parts, and I broke a sweat. My shoulders appreciated eagle pose! It was a strong practice, but it could be level 2 or level 3 since so many modifications were offered. I really enjoy your classes, Vytas!
Enjoyed my first class with Vytas
Bethanie P. - -
Definitely a strong Level 2! Thanks, Vytas! Great sequence.
Chris C. - -
Thank you Vytas, You helped me stay calm, but push myself.
One word: Strength
Desiree S. - -
Although this class required a lot of strength, I felt so strong going into each pose because of the progression of the class and Vytas's spot on instructional style. Really enjoyed this one!
Great class
Carolin R. - -
This class really is energizing! Thanks so much - exactly the pick-me-up I needed.
Strong, challenging class
Michelle R. - -
Great practice Vytas with some much needed core!
Do this!
Debra S. - -
One of my favorite classes. Vytas creates a beautiful, strengthening and courageous class for all who are inspired to press play.
Lily K. - -
Great fast paced class! I loved all the core work--seems fine for a level 2, just a nice challenge.
Kathryn W. - -
The Site seems to indicate this is a Level 3 (and my muscles attest!); however, Vytas references it as Level 2 in the class itself - which one is it?